15 Genius Kitchen Shortcuts

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Rushed for time well here’s some helpful and time saving hints from the Delish web site.

15 Genius Kitchen Shortcuts

Sometimes the tiniest tricks end up making the biggest difference in the kitchen. Check out these cooking-related time-savers from Martha Stewart.

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Do you have to look up that often-used recipe in your favorite cookbook because its ribbon markers already hold the places of other tried-and-true dishes? Avoid this annoyance with a placeholder that fits onto the corner of any page.

To make one, cut a bottom corner from an ungusseted paper bag (the kind card shops use) or a colorful envelope. Ours is about 2 inches long from corner to cut. Create several to track your best-loved recipes or when planning the menu for a special dinner….

Clip-On Coffee Spoon

Save yourself the early morning fumble for a measuring spoon by clipping one to your bag of dark roast. This makes a lovely housewarming gift as well. Simply use multipurpose adhesive (one intended for metal-to-metal applications) to affix an inexpensive tie clip to a metal measuring spoon. Be sure to hand-wash the spoon to prevent glue from dissolving.


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Wild Idea on Food Network – Sunday 9pm/8c

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Wild Idea on Food Network – Sunday 9pm/8cWild Idea


There is big news from Wild Idea this week! This Sunday evening at 9pm/8c on the Food Network, Wild Idea Buffalo will be featured as a stop for The Great Food Truck Race. Tune in and watch as the contestants try to create the best dishes possible using our 100% grass-fed buffalo and then sell the most items from their food trucks.

Wild Idea’s Jill O’Brien, who creates original buffalo recipes of her own, was glad to host the show and food trucks. “I can’t give away any secrets but I can tell you we are bracing for an onslaught of new fans who care about where their food comes from and who are looking for a delicious, healthy, sustainable red meat alternative,” she says.

Jill will be “live tweeting” her reactions to what is on the screen during the airing of the program. The tweets will be available on Wild Idea’s Twitter page @WildIdeaBuffalo. Employees, friends, and fans will be gathering to watch the show as well.





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For those of you that want to vote here’s a link to the Food Network page.food



You, fans, are the final focus group and get to decide who you want to win. Vote now for Damaris, Rodney and Russell up to 10 times per day until Wed., Aug. 7 at 9am EST.
Cast Your Vote Now


For Lunch: BBQ Pulled Buffalo Sandwich

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The Pulled Buffalo from the other nights dinner made one delicious BBQ Pulled Buffalo Sandwich for Lunch today! A fantastic trio made uppulled Buffalo BBQ 003 one mighty tasty Sandwich; Wild Idea Buffalo – Pulled Buffalo, JB’s Fat Boy Chipotle BBQ Sauce, and Aunt Millie’s Light Whole Grain Sandwich Buns. Throw in an Ice Cold Half ‘n Half Diet Snapple and I had a perfect lunch!

Kitchen Hint of the Day!

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Making a graham cracker crust can turn into quite a mess – particularly when pressing the crumbs into the pie plate with greasy, buttered hands. Stop the crumbs from sticking by putting your hands into a plastic bag before the pressing begins.


Kitchen Hint of the Day!

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You’ll never buy another box of popsicles again after you learn this easy recipe for the homemade variety. Simply pour your favorite juice into waxy paper cups, then add a small plastic spoon or tongue depressor into the middle once they are half-frozen. When they’re completely solid, peel away the cup for an icy treat

Kitchen Hint of the Day!

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To give the icing that silky look that professionally made cakes always seem to have, ice it as usual and then blow air from a hairdryer over top of it for a minute. It will melt the icing slightly, giving it the shiny appearance you’re looking for.

Kitchen Hint of the Day!

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If you need to store a cake more than a day or two, put half an apple in the container. The apple will provide just enough moisture to keep the cake from drying out too soon.

Kitchen Hint of the Day!

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Make sure you get rid of any bubbles in you cake batter before baking it. This is easily accomplished by holding the pan an inch or two above the counter and tapping it two or three times to release any air pockets. Just be careful-the batter might splatter.


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