Meanwhile back at the SayersBrook Bison Ranch….Quail Semi-Boneless

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This week from the SayersBrook Bison Ranch website ( its Quail Semi-Boneless. It’s a Semi-boneless 1.8 lb. Quail! They also have a Jumbo Quail (6 pieces) 2 lbs. But Quail is just one of many selections of various Meats you can purchase at the SayersBrook site ( You can choose from items like; WAGYU “KOBE” BEEF, BISON, WILD BOAR, ELK, OSTRICH, and more! Check it out today and fire that grill up! Now more on the Quail. Enjoy and Eat Healthy in 2018!


Quail Semi-Boneless 1.8 lbs
Quail Semi-boneless 1.8 ob average weight. Serving delicious Quail just got a whole lot easier! These tiny birds pack in a lot of flavor for their size and make an impressive dinner to serve guests . Serve 1 as a starter dish or 2 per person as a generous main course.






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Meanwhile back at the SayersBrook Bison Ranch…….ROASTED QUAIL WITH BRANDY

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This week from the SayersBrook Bison Ranch website ( its a recipe for ROASTED QUAIL WITH BRANDY, BUTTERNUT SQUASH AND HAZEL NUTS. You can find the recipe or purchase the Quail at the SayersBrook site. But besides Quail you can also purchase items like; Bison, Elk, Wild Boar, Rabbit, Ostrich, Hams, and more! Plus make sure you check out all the delicious recipes. Read on for the recipe for ROASTED QUAIL WITH BRANDY, BUTTERNUT SQUASH AND HAZEL NUTS. Enjoy and Eat Healthy in 2018!


Quail is an elegant and easy dish to prepare but it will look like you slaved in the kitchen for hours. These tine birds are packed with lots of flavor. 1 Quail makes for a generous starter or light supper for one person. Serve at least 2 per person as a generous main course.

Roasted Quail with Brandy, Butternut Squash and Hazel Nuts
yield 4 servings

Pre-heat oven to 350°F 180°C

4 Quails
4 tbs (50 gr) 2 oz butter melted
50 ml. 1/cup brandy
800 gr potatoes cooked and mashed
2 tablespoons flavored oil such as hazelnut cashew, or avocado or olive oil if you don’t have flavored oil
80 gr. (1/2 cup) hazel nuts
thyme sprigs
salt and fresh ground pepper
mixed greens to serve

1 – Season the quails with salt and pepper then brush with melted butter.
2 – Heat a large casserole (dutch oven) over medium heat.
3 – Add the quails and sear for 5-10 minutes or until colored on all sides.
4 – Pour in the brandy and set alight. Simmer for 5 minutes and reduce the cooking juices, basting the quails frequently
5 – Transfer the quails to a large oven proof dish.
6 – Spoon over the oil and season with salt and pepper.
7 – Cook in the oven for 45 minutes basting frequently.
8 – Mash potatoes
9 – place the quails on the mashed potatoes on a serving plate sprinkle with lightly crushed hazel nuts.
10 – Decorate with thyme sprigs
11 – Excellent with a side of cranberries, prunes, stew cherries or grapes
12 – Serve with salad of mixed greens


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Quail Eggs, Turkey Sausage Links, and Whole Grain English Muffin

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Had a first for breakfast this morning, Quail Eggs! I picked these up at Jungle Jim’s yesterday. I had always wanted to try them and they had plenty in stock. To open the Egg you have to take a knife and carefully puncture the big part of the Egg at the top. Then remove the top of the Egg so you can pour the Egg out of it’s shell into the skillet. If you fry it, which is what I did, it will fry in about 45 seconds. They are the perfect size for you English Muffin! I’ll try them a differnt way tomorrow for breakfast. I had Bob Evans Turkey Sausage Links and a Healthy Life Whole Grain English Muffin also.

A little background on the Quail Egg!

Quail eggs are considered a delicacy in many countries, including western Europe and North America. In Japanese cuisine, they are sometimes used raw or cooked as tamago in sushi and often found in bento lunches.

In some other countries, quail eggs are considered less exotic. In Colombia and Venezuela, a single hard-boiled quail egg is a common topping on hot dogs and hamburgers, often fixed into place with a toothpick. In the Philippines, kwek-kwek is a popular street food delicacy, which consists of soft-boiled quail eggs dipped in orange-colored batter before being skewered and deep-fried. In Vietnam, bags of boiled quail eggs are sold on street stalls as inexpensive beer snacks.

Quail eggs are often believed to be very high in cholesterol, but evidence shows their cholesterol levels are similar to chicken eggs.

Healthier Quail Eggs

A few other facts about Quail eggs from the Healthier Quail Eggs web site. I left the link to the site at the bottom of the post.

Few foods can claim the nutritional value and of a quail egg. As an enriched source of anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, and Vitamin B Riboflavin, it’s often the natural food of choice for medical cures, relief from inflammatory diseases and strengthening our immunity systems. These and other food nutrients further contribute to brain development, sexual potency, glowing skin and healthy hair. And it does this with practically no carbs, no bad cholesterol and food spoilage. Now imagine all of this from a product known for its 5-star elegance and cultural exquisiteness.

Quail eggs improve skin color and strengthen hair. That’s why quail eggs are used for egg yolk facial and hair care masks. Its Vitamin B2 Riboflavin provides glowing and healthy skin, while the Vitamins A, B and E give your child shiny and voluminous hair. All this from a 100% natural alternative to harmful hair and skin care chemicals. Quail eggs are also rich in ovomucoidproteins, antioxidants and lysozyme. As a sugar-free, non-processed source of these nutrients, this makes quail eggs ideal for controlling infections and inflammations leading to asthma, allergies, eczema and psoriasis.

As an alkaline forming product, quail eggs have been prescribed as a dietary remedy against tract disorders such as gastritusand ulcers. Along with its enriched source of antioxidants, magnesium, Vitamin B6 and potassium, the quail egg can remove stones formed in the kidneys, liver and gall bladder. They also have the nutrients and properties to help give you the needed energy, resistance from illness, and faster recovery following surgery or from chemotherapy effects and other cancer treatments. Finally, as a low carb, low calorie food, quail eggs are ideal as a non-invasive approach to heart conditions and diabetes treatment. Finally, as a 100% natural source of iron, Vitamin A & B12, quail eggs can greatly benefit those suffering from anemia.

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