Living Well with Diabetes

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Some great reading and helpful tips on Diabetes. It’s all on Diabetic Living On Line web site. I’ve left links below so you can read the entire articles. Check out the fantasic recipes while there!


Living Well with Diabetes
November is National Diabetes Month, and we’re raising awareness about diabetes. With good blood sugar control and reducing your risk of complications, you can take charge and enjoy life!
• 1. Control Your Blood Sugar
• 2. Lose Weight & Keep It Off
• 3. Reduce Risk of Complications
• 4. Get Physical Activity Every Day
• 5. Take Care of Your Heart

How to Eat What You Love
Diabetes shouldn’t equal deprivation. Moderation is key, and following a few tips can avoid bad habits that leave you with feelings of guilt. From pizza to potatoes, we give you options to enjoy the foods you crave.

Favor Whole, Fresh Foods
Processing foods tends to concentrate the calories and carbohydrate. Consider this: For 15 grams of carb, you could eat either 4 fresh apricots or just 1/2 cup apricots canned in juice. And for 15 grams of carb, you could eat either 1-1/4 cups strawberries or a mere 1-1/2 tablespoons all-fruit strawberry preserves….
Read the entire article by clicking the link below.

Off the Metformin!

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Well after changing my diet and eating habits, weight loss, and daily exercise I am off the Diabetes2 medication Metformin! I’ve been on it since being diagnosed in Sept. of 2006. The past year I really cracked down on the late night snacking and a pinch of something here and there. I snack on Gala Apples, Whole Natural Almonds, Sugar Free Jello and such. I’m also a firm believer of Green Tea. I drink 5 cups a day of hot brewed Bigelow Decaf Green Tea. My numbers on Triglycerides, Cholesterol, and Sugar all started turning around when I started drinking Green Tea.

Another problem was getting enough exercise. Being in a wheelchair was making it difficult to get the proper exercise. I can’t afford a gym membership so I purchased some weights and a tabletop Peddle Exerciser and lift weights once a day and the Pedal Exerciser three times a day. So all the changes worked and as of today I’m off the Diabetes2 medication Metformin! Now the next thing is to stay the course I’ve taken and keep making smart decisions on what I eat. Anyway it’s been a good day!

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