Panko Crusted Veal Cutlet w/ Skillet Roasted Herb Carrots and Fingerling Potatoes

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Today’s Menu: Panko Crusted Veal Cutlet w/ Skillet Roasted Herb Carrots and Fingerling Potatoes



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It’s been one rainy day around here today. It started last night and continued throughout today, about 40 degrees out. But we got some real cold weather moving in, which means some freezing rain or snow. Not much happening around the house today. Went to Kroger to pick up a prescription for Dad and a few items I needed. Big easy chair and Tv day this afternoon! For dinner tonight I prepared a Panko Crusted Veal Cutlet w/ Skillet Roasted Herb Carrots and Fingerling Potatoes.




While at Jungle Jim’s International Market yesterday I purchased some Veal Cutlets, Mushrooms, and Fingerling Potatoes. They have the best Veal anywhere around our area, so I always pick some up when I’m there. To prepare it I got the big three out to bread these beautiful Veal Cutlets; Flour, Egg Beaters, and Panko Bread Crumbs. I seasoned the Veal with Sea Salt and Ground Black Pepper. I then rolled them in Flour. I then took some Panko Crusted Veal Roasted Veggies 002Hungarian Paprika and Seasoned the Egg Beater’s with it, and dipped the veal Cutlets in it shaking off any excess. For the last coating I rolled the in Shake and Bake Seasoned Panko, pressing them in the Crumbs firmly to make sure the Cutlets were completely covered. These were thick cutlets so I had to fry them a little bit longer than you would normally would fry Veal. I fried them in Extra Virgin Olive Oil about 5 minutes per side. The coatings gave it a fantastic golden brown coating and the cutlet was tender and moist, and seasoned just right. You could cut by using a fork! Using the same pan I quartered some Button Mushrooms and Sauteed them for one side dish.




Then for my other sides I prepare Skillet Roasted Herb Carrots and Fingerling Potatoes. I washed and patted dry the Carrots and Fingerling Potatoes. I cut the Carrots into bite size pieces *parboiled them in water for about 5 minutes, drained the water and set the Carrots aside in a bowl. I did this to soften them up a bit before Roasting them. Then I cut the Fingerling Potatoes in half, lengthwise. Put the Carrots and Potatoes in a large bowl aPanko Crusted Veal Roasted Veggies 003nd seasoned them with; Extra Virgin Olive Oil, McCormick Grinder Sea Salt and Black Peppercorn, Dried Thyme, Dried Rosemary, a sprinkle of Garlic salt, and a pinch of Rubbed Sage. Tossed everything in the bowl until all pieces were coated with the seasoning. Using a large cookie sheet I spread the Carrots and Potatoes out on the sheet . Then transferred it to the oven and Roasted them at 400 degrees until they were fork tender, about 20 minutes. I love Carrots and Fingerling Potatoes, but with the Herbs and Seasoning it makes just them that more delicious! It’s been one delicious Comfort Food Dinner! For dessert later a bowl of Breyer’s Carb Smart Vanilla Bean Ice Cream topped with Smucker’s Sugar Free Chocolate Fudge Topping Sauce.




* Parboil – The food items are added to boiling water and cooked until they start to soften, then removed before they are fully cooked. Parboiling is usually used to partially cook an item which will then be cooked another way such as braising, grilling, or stir-frying.




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Veal is the meat of young cattle (calves), as opposed to meat from older cattle. Though veal can be produced from a calf of either sex and any breed, most veal comes from male calves (bull calves) of dairy cattle breeds.

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