Wild Idea Buffalo 10 oz. New York Strip Steak w/ Baked Steak Fries and Chili Beans

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Today’s Menu: Wild Idea Buffalo 10 oz. New York Strip Steak w/ Baked Steak Fries and Chili Beans



Buffalo 10 oz New York Strip 002
Cold but not too bad out this morning. Had a light Breakfasty of Egg Beater’s Egg Whites, a Slice of Sargento Ultra Thin Swiss Cheese, on a Thomas Light While Grain English Muffin. After Breakfast ran to Kroger for Mom and stopped by Dunkin Donuts and picked them up a couple of Glazed Donuts, that’s where I get my love of Donuts from! I sadly did not have one. Also took a friend of mine a big slice of the Turkey Lasagna I made yesterday. Back home and cleaned up around the house and that was about it. For dinner tonight another good one, Wild Idea Buffalo 10 oz. New York Strip Steak w/ Baked Steak Fries and Chili Beans.

I’ve been wanting to try the Wild Idea Buffalo 10 oz. New York Strip Steak for sometime now. I finally ordered one on my last order to Wild Idea Buffalo. I had it in the freezer so I let it thaw overnight in the fridge. I cut the package open, and what a beautiful cut of meat! To prepare this was going to easy, needing some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and McCormick Grinder Sea Salt and Black Peppercorn. I broke out the cast Iron Skillet to fry this Buffalo 10 oz New York Strip 003baby up! A Cast Iron Skillet will give it a nice even heat across the Fillet. I started by spraying the Cast Iron with Pam Cooking Spray and preheating the Skillet on medium heat. As that was heating up I rubbed extra Virgin Olive Oil all over the Fillet, making sure I covered the entire Fillet. I then seasoned it on all sides with the McCormick Grinder Sea Salt and Black Peppercorn. I then fried it in the Cast Iron about 5:00 minutes per side. Which is a whole lot of cooking time for Buffalo Meat but the Steak was really a thick Steak Cut. I timed it because I wanted my Steak medium rare, and Buffalo cooks a lot quicker than Beef (Tastes better and is healthier also). Pulled the Steak from the Skillet and let it rest for 5 minutes before slicing it. You could have cut this Fillet with a spoon, a light Pink center and a nice Char on the outside! Tender, Moist, and that incredible Wild Idea Buffalo flavor!


Buffalo 10 oz New York Strip 005
For one side I prepared Ore Ida Steak Fries, been a while since I’ve had these (Only 110 calories per serving). I seasoned them with McCormick Grinder Sea Salt and Black Peppercorn along with a side of Hunt’s Ketchup for dipping. Then I also heated up a can of Bush’s Chili Beans – Kidney Beans in Mild Chili Sauce. Something new from Bush’s Beans that I came across at Meijer yesterday. Buffalo New York Strip Steak, Baked Potato, and Beans, one mighty fine dinner! For dessert later a Jello Sugar free Dark Chocolate Pudding Cup.





Buffalo 10 oz. New York Strip Steak

Wild Idea Buffalo 10 oz. New York Strip Steak

10 oz. New York Strip Steak
A classic American favorite, lean and luscious. 10 oz.






Health Benefits of 100% Grass Fed BisonBuffalo nutrition
Wild Idea Buffalo meat is:

* Lower in calories, fat, and cholesterol than chicken or fish.
* Higher in protein than beef. Nutrient-dense, flavor rich, outrageously lean, and high in antioxidant Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E.
* 100% native grass fed – delivering 3.5x more omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed bison. Red Meat That’s Good for You!
Beyond Organic

Wild Idea Buffalo was started with a simple idea: supply delicious, healthy, 100% grass-fed meat to consumers interested in sustainability. To that end, we have left no stone unturned in our effort to “go beyond organic” and provide the best tasting red meat available.

Wild Idea Buffalo Co has chosen therefore not to have its product USDA Certified Organic, but rather “go beyond Wild Ideaorganic” with the way we raise our buffalo. We believe in providing the buffalo and the ecosystem that we share with the buffalo the respect and care that they both deserve. All our animals are 100% grass-fed, hormone/antibiotic/pesticide free, 100% free roaming, and always humanely field harvested. The humane manner in which Wild Idea Buffalo raises and harvests its buffalo leads to a superior product which is healthier for the consumer, the environment, and the animal.

Quite simply, if you are searching for the healthiest, most sustainable, and most humanely raised red meat available then look no further than Wild Idea Buffalo Co. Our approach to raising buffalo is second to none with a difference you can taste with your first bite.

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