Triple Threat: Quick, Low-Calorie, Cheap Meals

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Quick, Low-Calorie, Cheap Meals all from the Delish web site!


Triple Threat: Quick, Low-Calorie, Cheap MealsDelish

When it’s time to eat, all your family cares about is great taste, but you have numbers on your mind: cost, time, and calories. Thankfully, these delicious meals have the kind of numbers you’ll love — each dish is under $3 per serving, ready in 30 minutes or less, and under 365 calories. What could be better than that?




Turkey and Balsamic Onion Quesadillas

All you need to make these easy tortilla sandwiches are five ingredients, many of which you probably already have in your kitchen. Make them a meal by serving with simple sautéed vegetables or a tossed green salad….




Greek Lemon Rice Soup

Smooth silken tofu replaces the eggs in this version of the classic Greek soup. Add an extra drizzle of olive oil on top of each portion to give it an extra-luxurious taste….




* Click the link below to get all the recipes *

Easy Recipes: 6-Ingredient Meals

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It’s all about the Carbs! Easy Recipes: 6-Ingredient Meals from Diabetic Living On Line, the link is at the bottom of the post.



Easy Recipes: 6-Ingredient Meals
Turn to these diabetic dinner recipes, each with 35 grams of carb or less per serving, for meals that are delicious, nutritious, and easy on the grocery list.


Diabetic living logo
Fresh Herb Shrimp Linguine
Whip up this delicious dish that’s sure to impress in just 30 minutes. Packed with protein and only 320 calories per serving, this easy recipe makes a great weeknight meal or sophisticated, company-worthy dish……

Chipotle Picante Meat Loaf
Spice up a classic dinner with this flavorful spin on meat loaf that has only 15 grams of carb per serving. Serve it with roasted red potatoes and nonstarchy vegetables to complete the meal……


Click the link below to get all the recipes.


Recipes for Busy Lives! / How to Build a Balanced Breakfast

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I’ve got some great healthy hints on how to start your day the healthy way. It’s from the Diabetic Living On Line web site which is stocked full of healthy hints and recipes! I’ve left the link at the end of the post.


Diabetic living logo

Recipes for Busy Lives!
Say good-bye to fast-food fixes and vending machine pit stops to get you through the day. Instead, try our breakfast, lunch, and snacks ideas for your busy life. They’re easy, healthy, and delicious!
How to Build a Balanced Breakfast
By Marsha McCulloch, R.D., L.D.
Need help squeezing in the most important meal of the day? Breakfast is a breeze with these simple tips on how to make a balanced on-the-go meal, along with easy, satisfying, and diabetes-friendly breakfast ideas.

The Importance of Breakfast for People with Diabetes
Eating a healthful breakfast can help control blood glucose, hunger, and weight. Breakfast is a chance to fill up on healthful fuel for the day’s activities and fit in some important food groups.

Get more mileage out of your breakfast by including satisfying fiber from whole grains and fruit and protein from low-fat dairy products and other lean protein sources. Need ideas? This slideshow will give you the basics on how to put a simple breakfast together in a snap, along with meal ideas that are already done for you — right down to the nutrition information. If you’re not hungry in the morning, start with a partial meal and build up.

Build a Balanced Breakfast
When compiling your first meal of the day, remember this simple formula:

Whole grain + dairy/protein + fruit = healthy breakfast

Include whole grains for the starch portion of your meal. This will be your main carbohydrate source. The dairy/protein digests more slowly than carbohydrate, helping you feel satisfied. And fruit is rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber — plus it’s a healthy carbohydrate source.

Each of the following breakfasts has about 45 grams of carbohydrate and is a good source of fiber and protein. BONUS! They’re all easily portable if you’re on the go……

Get these and more healthy hints by clicking the link below.

Kitchen Hint of the Day!

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The next time you get chopsticks with your Chinese take-out, keep a few for your kitchen. Even if you haven’t mastered the art of eating with them, they’re perfect for leveling off cups of flour and other dry goods.

I Changed the blog name to: My Meals are on Wheels

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I’m working on creating a website and the old name “Meals on Wheels” is already a registered domain name. So I went ahead and changed the blog name to “My Meals are on Wheels”. Everything’s the same just thinking about getting a web site up and going.


I’m also going to try to start a web site for amputees and their shoes. Being an amputee you buy shoes and in my case I’ve got a lot of left shoes that I can’t use. What I would like to do is get a site up and going where amputees can list the shoes and possibly other amputees can match up the shoes they have. Not sure yet but looking in to it.


New Product Alert From Weight Watchers!

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I had heard Weight Watcher’s was coming out with some new Chicken entrees and here they are.

Be prepared for any meal of the week with Weight Watchers ready to cook frozen chicken. These pre-portioned chicken breasts, tenders and burgers are quick, easy and a great source of protein. Enjoy making a delicious, satisfying meal that starts with just 1 or 3 PointsPlus® value per serving.

NEW! Chicken Breasts
3 PointsPlus® value per breast
Whether you are trying a delicious new recipe or making a classic you can feel good about choosing these 99% fat free, boneless & skinless chicken breasts. Each 5 ounce chicken breast has just 140 calories and is a great source of protein.

NEW! Chicken Tenders
1 PointsPlus® value per tender
These tenders make a quick great tasting meal or fun appetizer. They are 99% fat free with only 60 calories per 2 ounce tender. Try in your next salad or dip in your favorite sauce.

NEW! Chicken Burgers
3 PointsPlus® value per burger
Craving a burger? Our all breast meat chicken burgers are just what you’ve been looking for. Each juicy, quarter pound burger is only 140 calories. Enjoy this sensible portion with your favorite toppings.

Red Lobster Tonight!

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Today’s Menu: Rainbow Trout w/ Garden Salad and Chilled Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

I took my Mom out to eat tonight for a early Mother’s Day Gift and she chose The Red Lobster, a great choice I might add. My parents had a Shrimp and Fish dinner while I had a Chilled Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, that I shared, along with a Garden Salad with the Rainbow Trout Dinner. 475 calories and 35 carbs approx., not bad at all for a delicious meal like this! for a dessert later at home a Jello Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding topped with Cool Whip Free.

Red Lobster

Seafood is often naturally low in fat and a good source of heart-healthy, Omega-3 fatty acids. It’s also high in protein. When you pair it with our other smart choices, you can easily create a delicious meal that fits into your lifestyle.

Just let our LightHouse SelectionsSM menu help guide you in creating a delicious meal that meets your nutritional requirements.

Rainbow Trout* 220 cal, 10g fat, 2.5g sat. fat., 380mg sod., 6g carbs

Garden Salad (Before Dressing) 90cal, 3g fat, 0g sat.fat., 105mg. sod., 13g carbs. Dressing 45 cal. 7 carbs

Chilled Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 120 cal, 0.5g fat, 0g sat. fat., 580mg sod., 9g carbs

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