3 Bean Turkey Chili Mac and Cheese w/ Corn Bread

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Today’s Menu: Turkey Chili Mac and Cheese w/ Corn Bread



For Breakfast this morning I had a 2 Egg Scrambled Eggs that I topped with some Ortega Smokey Chipotle Taco Sauce and some Sargento Off the Block Sharp Cheddar Cheese. I also toasted a couple of slices of Aunt Millie’s Light Whole Grain Bread and had my morning cup of Bigelow Decaf Green Tea. Rain in the morning and then turning partly cloudy and 85 degrees out. Got the cart out of shed and started some repair work on the shed. I’m replacing the bottom trim around the back and the 2 sides of the shed. Looks like at least a 2 day job. One of those jobs that takes longer when in a mobility cart. For dinner tonight I prepared 3 Bean Turkey Chili Mac and Cheese w/ Corn Bread.





I came across a recipe for Chili Mac the other day and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. So I made some my way! I had prepared some quite a while back using Hormel Turkey Chili w/ Beans. This time around I had a container of my 3 Bean Turkey Chili in the freezer so I sat it in the fridge to thaw overnight. I’ll also be making a small Cast Iron Skillet of Corn Bread! Can’t wait for Dinner!






I had a couple of containers of my 3 Bean Turkey Chili in the freezer. If I was making my Chili I use a Crock Pot and let it simmer all day! To make it I use; 2 – 1 lb. packages of Jennie – O Ground Turkey Breast, many Spices, 1 Packet McCormick Chili Mix, and Frank’s Hot Sauce. With toppings of Sargento Off the Block Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese and Oyster Crackers. I just added the Chili to a sauce pan and heated it on low, stirring often until heated through. Set aside as my Pasta was cooking. For the full recipe and cooking instructions of the 3 Bean Turkey Chili just click the link. (https://beatcancer2010.wordpress.com/2019/03/30/3-bean-turkey-chili-12/)





For my Elbow Pasta I used DereamFields Elbows. It’s tough finding Whole Grain Pastas, at least around here where I live. Used to be I could find it at most any Grocery Store. Maybe 1 or 2 stores or on line. The DreamFields is all I could find at Meijer yesterday. It’s 190 calories and 36 net carbs per serving, cooks up great, and good taste.







Easy to prepare; Grab a large sauce pan and boil your water to a rapid boil, amount of water depends how much Pasta you are preparing. Add the amount of Pasta you’ll need and return it to a boil. Cook uncovered, stirring occasionally, for a 8 minutes. Remove from the heat and drain, draining it well.







Add it back to the pot and add the 3 Bean Turkey Chili and mix with a large spoon, heat on low and mix well. And it’s ready to serve! Top with Cheese, Hot Sauce, Sour Cream, or Diced Onions. I just always use the Cheese and Hot Sauce for my toppings. To serve just grab a bowl and scoop out the amount that you want. Add your toppings, if any, and enjoy! The 3 Bean Turkey Chili works perfect with Elbow Pasta. Such a good Comfort Food Dish!






To go with the Chili Mac I also made a small Cast Iron Skillet of Corn Bread. For the Corn Bread I’m using Martha White White Corn Meal. First Corn Bread I’ve made in a while and it’s just as good as it always was! What a meal 3 Bean Turkey Chili Mac and Cheese w/ Corn Bread. Then for Dessert/Snack later a bowl of Skinny Pop – Pop Corn and a Diet Peach Snapple to drink.









DreamFields Elbows Pasta

Nutritious Elbow Pasta With A Traditional Taste
One of the most versatile cuts of pasta, Elbows are very well suited for soups, salads and the all American favorite macaroni and cheese, like our Healthier Mac and Cheese. Try Dreamfields elbows with Fruit & Yogurt Salad, a surprisingly delicious combination!



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