Soup Special of the Day…………VIETNAMESE PHO

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This week’s Soup Special of the Day is – VIETNAMESE PHO. Thin sliced Sirloin Steak, Lemongrass, Vermicelli Noodles, and Bean Sprouts are just of few of the ingredients that make up this week’ recipe. The recipe is from the Diabetic Gourmet Magazine website. At the Diabetic Magazine website you’ll find a huge selection of Diabetic Friendly Recipes, Diabetic News, and Diabetic Management Tips. Check it out today. Enjoy and Eat Healthy in 2018!



Soup Ingredients:
1/2 lb sirloin tip, sliced very thinly (250 g)
1-1/2 Tbsp canola oil, divided (20 mL)
1 small onion, sliced into thin rings
4 cups sodium-reduced beef stock (1 L)
2 cups water (500 mL)
1 Tbsp freshly grated ginger (15 mL)
1 stalk lemongrass chopped or 3 Tbsp (45 mL) dried lemongrass
1/2 tsp whole black peppercorns (2 mL)
1 cinnamon stick
4 oz ounces rice vermicelli noodles (125 g)
2 cups bean sprouts (500 mL )

Garnish Ingredients:
1 lime, quartered
1/2 cup each fresh basil, mint and cilantro (125 mL) each
1 small jalapeno pepper, thinly sliced (optional)
1 Tbsp fish sauce (15 mL)


1 – In large saucepan, heat 1 Tbsp (15 mL) canola oil over medium heat. Add beef and cook for about 2-3 minutes. It wonÂ’t be cooked through. Set aside.
2 – Add 1/2 Tbsp (7.5 mL) canola oil to saucepan. Add onions and cook for about 3 minutes. Add beef stock, water, ginger, lemongrass, peppercorns and cinnamon stick, simmer for about 1 hour. (Broth can be prepared up to 2 days in advance and refrigerated, if preferred.)
3 – Meanwhile, place rice vermicelli in bowl and cover with very hot water. Place lid on top and allow to sit for about 3 minutes.
4 – Prepare garnish plate: Arrange limes, basil, mint, cilantro, jalapeno and small bowl of fish sauce on a plate.
5 – Add beef to stock mixture and cook to desired doneness. To serve: Divide rice vermicelli and sprouts evenly in 4 bowls. Pour hot broth-beef mixture over top. Garnish as desired from the garnish plate.
This recipe was inspired by Pho, a traditional Vietnamese soup. You can modify the recipe by using vegetable stock and tofu for a vegetarian version.

Recipe Yield: Yield: 4 servings. Serving Size: 1-1/2 cups (375 mL)

Calories: 270
Fat: 9 grams
Saturated Fat: 2 grams
Fiber: 3 grams
Sodium: 115 milligrams
Cholesterol: 35 milligrams
Protein: 20 grams
Carbohydrates: 27 grams

Jennie – O Recipe of the Week – Ginger & Lemongrass Turkey Sliders

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This week’s Jennie – O Recipe of the Week – Ginger & Lemongrass Turkey Sliders. You’ll be using the JENNIE-O® Extra Lean Ground Turkey Breast and no slider bun! Instead you’ll serve it on Iceberg Lettuce Leaves! Another delicious and healthy recipe from the Jennie – O website.

Ginger & Lemongrass Turkey Sliders

1 (16-ounce) package JENNIE-O® Extra Lean Ground Turkey BreastGinger & Lemongrass Turkey Sliders
1 clove garlic, finely minced
1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh ginger, peeled
1 teaspoon finely grated super fresh lemongrass
1 tablespoon chopped fresh cilantro
2 tablespoons low-sodium soy sauce, divided
6 drops toasted sesame oil, divided
1 cup shredded cabbage
1 large carrot, finely grated
½ cup orange juice
8 whole leaves iceberg lettuce
whole cilantro leaves, if desired
toasted sesame seeds, if desired

1 – Heat grill on medium-high heat. In large bowl, combine turkey, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, cilantro, 1 tablespoon soy sauce and 3 drops toasted sesame oil; mix well. Form turkey mixture into tight balls approximately 2½ ounces each; there should be 8 balls. Flatten them into patties about ½-inch thick. Brush grill lightly with oil. Place turkey patties on grates. Grill 5 to 6 minutes on each side or until well-done, 165ºF as measured by a meat thermometer.

2 – In medium bowl combine cabbage and carrot. Add orange juice, remaining 1 tablespoon soy sauce and 3 drops toasted sesame oil; mix well.

3 – Place turkey patty into each lettuce leaf and mound cabbage and carrot mixture on top. Garnish with cilantro and toasted sesame seeds, if desired.
* Always cook to an internal temperature of 165°F.

Nutritional InformationJennie O Make the Switch
Calories 180 Fat 4g
Protein 28g Cholesterol 55mg
Carbohydrates 8g Sodium 360mg
Fiber 1g Saturated Fat 1g
Sugars 4g

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