Jennie – O Turkey Recipe of the Week – Tasty Turkey Sliders

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This week’s Jennie – O Turkey Recipe of the Week is Tasty Turkey Sliders. Some of the ingredients that you’ll be needing are JENNIE-O® Sun Dried Tomato Turkey Breast, Cream Cheese, Goat Cheese, JENNIE-O® Lean Ground Turkey, Vidalia Onion, Potato Rolls, Provolone Cheese, and more! You can find this recipe along with all the other Delicious and Healthy Recipes at the Jennie – O Turkey website. Stay Safe and Make the SWITCH in 2022!

Tasty Turkey Sliders
Topped with savory turkey cream cheese and crumbled feta, these Tasty Turkey Sliders are one of the best burger recipes around! Expect guests to be sliding seconds onto their plates at your next party.

Total Time – 1 Hour
Serving Size – 18 Servings

1/2 – pound minced JENNIE-O® Sun Dried Tomato Turkey Breast
1/2 – cup vegetable flavored cream cheese
2 – ounces feta or goat cheese, crumbled
3 – tablespoons minced fresh basil
3 – tablespoons minced green onion
salt and pepper, if desired

4 – tablespoons olive oil, divided
1 – cup finely minced Vidalia onion
1 – cup finely minced button mushrooms
2 – teaspoons thyme leaves
salt and pepper, to taste
1 – clove garlic, minced
18 – small wooden skewers
1/4 – cup chopped fresh parsley
1 – (16-ounce) package JENNIE-O® Lean Ground Turkey
9 – party-sized potato rolls, split
4 – slices Provolone cheese
18 – small basil leaves
8 – cherry tomatoes, halved

2) In small bowl, add minced turkey, cream cheese and feta cheese; mix to combine.
3) Stir in basil, green onion and salt and pepper, if desired.
4) Cover and refrigerate.
6) In hot skillet, add 2 tablespoons olive oil and sauté onions, mushrooms, thyme, salt and pepper, to taste.
7) Cook until onions are caramelized and mushrooms are brown. Stir in garlic and parsley. Remove from heat to cool.
8) In medium bowl, add sautéed ingredients to ground turkey mix together not to overwork.
9) Form into small sliders approximately 2 tablespoons each. Press gently into shape. Place burgers on plate covered with plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator.
10) With a cookie cutter, cut split potato rolls and cheese into 1½-inch circles.
11) In non-stick skillet over medium-high heat, add 2 tablespoons olive oil. Cook turkey patties 2 to 3 minutes on each side or until well-done, 165°F. as measured by a meat thermometer.
12) Toast bread under broiler.
13) Place burger on each piece of toasted cheese bread. Add a small dollop of cream cheese mixture. Take wood skewer, pierce basil leaf, tomato half; press skewer into the slider to serve.

Calories – 240
Protein – 14g
Carbohydrates – 22g
Fiber – 1g
Sugars – 3g
Fat – 11g
Cholesterol – 40mg
Sodium – 450mg
Saturated Fat – 4.5g

Thank you Jennie – O!

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Jennie O Delivery 001

About 1:00 this afternoon I was by the front window and FedEx Truck pulled up in front of the house. The delivery guy started towards the house as I went outside and I seen on the box that familiar Jennie – O Logo! Took the box in and opened it up and found a Jennie – O All Natural Turkey Breast Tenderloin and a Jennie – O Sun Dried Tomato Turkey Breast.




 Jennie - O Natural Turkey Breast Tenderloin

Jennie – O Natural Turkey Breast Tenderloin

To prepare the Jennie – O Natural Turkey Breast Tenderloin:
TO BAKE; Preheat oven to 350°F. Place tenderloins in a shallow baking pan. Bake until meat thermometer inserted into thickest portion of the meat reaches 165°F, approximately 60-70 minutes. Remove from heat, cover and let rest 5-10 minutes before slicing.






 Jennie - O Sun Dried Tomato Turkey Breast

Jennie – O Sun Dried Tomato Turkey Breast

For the Jennie – O Sun Dried Tomato Turkey Breast:
It comes vacuum sealed and ready to eat! You can warm it in an oven to the desired temperature or slice it cold, ready to serve! Comes already seasoned with the Sun Dried Tomato.





I received these as being part of the Jennie – O Switch Team. From time to time I receive Jennie – O Turkey Products, Coupons and recipes. So thank you again Jennie – O!


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