Happy Memorial Day All!

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Happy Memorial Day everyone. Let’s all take time to remember and honor all those serving our country around the world, Also honor those that have given their live to defend our country through the years.

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7 Lucky New Year’s Eve Foods from Reader’s Digest, the link to all 7 is at te bottom of the post.

7 Lucky New Year’s Eve FoodsReaders Di
Many of the foods people around the world traditionally eat for luck to ring in the New Year are also good for you. Here are 7 lucky new year’s foods (yes, we believe 7 is a lucky number) worth including at your gathering for a year of prosperity and good health!

Supposedly greens are eaten on New Year’s Eve because they resemble money. They are also teeming with vitamins and minerals so eat up! ….




Beans, like greens, resemble money. More specifically, they symbolize coins. Whether you choose black beans, lentils or black-eyes peas, try some healthy fiber-filled beans to soak up that champagne.

* Click the link below to get all the foods and recipe ideas. *



Five Great New Year’s Eve Hors D’Oeuvres

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Some more great ideas from the PBS web site, love this site!



Five Great New Year’s Eve Hors D’OeuvresPBS



By Galby Dalkin of What’s Gaby Cooking?



I love having friends over for New Year’s Eve! Here are five great appetizer ideas that will make for a great party, but also ensure that you’re not stuck in the kitchen the whole time cooking!



Chipotle Guacamole

If you know me, you know I am OBSESSED with guacamole. I don’t think it’s possible for me to entertain without some form of avocado and NYE calls for guacamole with salty chips, right?! I think so. You can either make this right before your guests come over, or you can make it a few hours before. If you make it earlier, make sure to use a decent amount of acid, in the form of lime juice and once you’re done mashing up the guacamole, lay a piece of plastic wrap over the top so no air touches the avocado. This way you’ll ensure having a bright green dip when it’s time to serve…..



*Get all the recipes by clicking the link below*




Tryptophan Making You Sleepy Is A Big Fat Lie

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We all do it, feast on Turkey and all the trimmings and asleep on the couch before the second football game of the day is on. I had always heard it was the Turkey, well maybe it’s not. Find out, good article on the Turkey Effects from Huffington Post web site. I left the link at the bottom of the page so you can read it all.



Tryptophan Making You Sleepy Is A Big Fat Lie


The Huffington Post | By Carey Polis

It feels like there is a simultaneous conversation happening at Thanksgiving tables across the country. You eat a big meal — which includes a generous helping of turkey — and all of a sudden you’re feeling like you really want to lie down and take a nap. “It’s the tryptophan,” says Aunt Doris or Grandma Peggy or that cousin who always makes a big point of announcing that she’s watching her weight this year. Everyone nods in agreement, as if the tryptophan is a perfectly reasonable excuse. Unfortunately, the reality is that you just ate way too much.

It’s high time that we set the record straight. Tryptophan does not make you sleepy. You do not feel like this on Thanksgiving because of tryptophan:…..

* Read the article and get the facts by clicking the link below.


16 Adorably Spooky Halloween Cupcakes

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From the Delish web site, just in time for your Halloween Party, 16 Adorably Spooky Halloween Cupcakes!



16 Adorably Spooky Halloween Cupcakes
Take a bite out of Dracula or dig into the pumpkin patch. You can get creative this Halloween with these fun and ghoulish cupcakes. Each is easy to make and fun for the whole family.


Skeleton Cupcakes

Who can resist a cute cupcake topped with a sweet skeleton? The frame is comprised of a marshmallow skull and yogurt mini pretzel ribs supported by a lollipop stick. Whip up a batch of these bony characters with your favorite cake mix and canned frosting…….



Kitten Cupcakes

These cute kitten cupcakes are perfect for a festive Halloween bash…..



* Get all 16 tips and ideas just in time for your Halloween Party by clicking the link below


Kitchen Hint of the Day!

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You’ll find it well worth your time to cook an entire turkey every now and then, especially after Thanksgiving and Christmas when the prices drop dramatically. Stuffing is one of our favorite foods, so we love having “fake Thanksgiving” every once in the while. Then we chop up what we don’t eat, throw it in the freezer, and use it in soups, stir-fries, casseroles, and tons of other meals.

Kitchen Hints of the Day!

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Hint #1 – Memorial Day weekend has passed but you still need to make sure your outdoor grill is prepared for the rest of your Summer grilling. Clean the grates by placing them in the tub and covering them with very hot water and one cup each ammonia and dishwasher detergent. Cover with old fabric softener sheets and soak overnight. The next day, don your rubber gloves, scrub away, and watch the grease dissolve.


Hint #2 – Another great way to clean your barbecue grill is with wet newspaper. After cooking, just place it on a warm grill for one hour with the lid closed. You’ll be amazed how easily the grime comes off.

Earth Day 2013 – April 22, 2013

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Let’s all do our part to help Mother Earth!

Earth Day 2013


April 22, 2013 Earth Day – Worldwide

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April 22, 2013 Earth Day – Worldwide
The first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, activated 20 million Americans from all walks of life and is widely credited with launching the Earth Day 2013modern environmental movement. The passage of the landmark Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act and many other groundbreaking environmental laws soon followed. Growing out of the first Earth Day, Earth Day Network (EDN) works with over 22,000 partners in 192 countries to broaden, diversify and mobilize the environmental movement. More than 1 billion people now participate in Earth Day activities each year, making it the largest civic observance in the world.


With over one billion actions to date, Earth Day Network’s A Billion Acts of Green® – the largest environmental service campaign in the world – is steadily building commitments by individuals, organizations, businesses and governments to protect the planet.

A Billion Acts of Green® inspires and rewards both simple individual acts and larger organizational initiatives that reduce carbon emissions and support sustainability.

It’s a global referendum on the environment.

Earth Day Network launched the campaign in 2010, Earth Day’s 40th anniversary, with the goal of registering one billion actions in advance of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) in June 2012. We blew that goal out of the water and reached one billion actions on Earth Day, April 22, 2012. We showcased that achievement at Rio+20, demonstrating to world leaders the breadth of support for strong, coordinated action to tackle our most pressing environmental problems, such as climate change .

Now, we’re carrying that momentum forward to reach the next billion. This time, we’re channeling the power of A Billion Acts of Green® to move the ball forward on specific, timely issues. We’ll introduce fresh sub-campaigns periodically to inspire targeted action.

People can still register all the other actions they’re taking to protect the environment – from washing laundry in cold water and riding a bike instead of driving to planting a garden and volunteering with a community clean-up. And organizations can still register actions such as community environmental meetings, tree plantings, large-scale light bulb changes, workplace renewable energy retrofits, and Earth Day events.

The A Billion Acts of Green® website quantifies all these acts of green through an easy-to-use online registration tool.

Together, these actions add up to something big.


What a Great Idea for a Restaurant! TGD

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Came across this story in Journal – News this morning and it really caught my eye. They opened a new restaurant, TGD, in neighboring town of Oxford, Ohio. (Home of Miami University). Finally a fast food restaurant that you can enjoy and healthy food at the same time! Turkey and all the Thanksgiving trimmings served year around. Check out their website, I hope they expand to West Chester real soon!

Thanksgiving Dinner 365

TGD’s mission is to serve real home cooked food in a fast casual setting while maintaining amazing taste and inexpensive prices so that everyone can enjoy our food. Of course TGD serves slow roasted turkey along with all of the fixings from mashed potatoes to green beans, and even homemade mac and cheese. But there is much more to TGD’s menu including a wide variety of other home cooked choices such as tender roast beef, baked chicken, honey glazed ham and our signature Turkey Nuggets™. In addition to hot options we also have made to order wraps and salads using only the freshest veggies, meats and sauces.

All of this is unlike most fast food chains because we actually prepare everything fresh right in our own kitchen each and every day. The other guys use poor quality frozen ingredients that are prepared days or even weeks in advance. Our high quality food is displayed fresh and hot in a steam table so it can be served to you immediately, allowing you to get your food with no wait.

Not only is our home cooked food served fast but it is of great value. Two adults can easily be filled up for around 14 bucks (including a drink fountain drink or iced tea).

The TGD concept originated at 4am after a long black jack session at the Rio in Las Vegas when co-founder Ryan Napier asked co-founder Nino Natale, “How good does a burger sound?” Nino looked back at him and replied “Not bad, but, how cool would it be if we could get Thanksgiving dinner right now in the same time it took to get a burger?”

Ryan’s eyes lit up and the two went on discussing how great each component of Thanksgiving dinner was. Ultimately the pair began wondering why a meal that so many people loved was only eaten once or twice a year. From that moment on it was their mission to deliver the beloved meal to the public at a great price, 365 days a year, in a fast food setting, while still maintaining highest quality of food possible.

The partners originally were running with the name “Thanksgiving Dinner.” While this describes the restaurant well it is a bit wordy and not as catchy as they wanted. For weeks while working on the concept they attempted to think of a better name but nothing seemed to be right. Finally one night while working Nino exclaimed “Ry I got it, let’s call it TGD!”

Ryan wasn’t sure exactly what he meant, so Nino explained that it simply stood for “Thanks Giving Dinner.” Ryan then replied “You know Thanksgiving is one word right?” Nino then said that he had always thought that it was two words. After laughing for a few minutes and thinking about it the partners agreed that they liked the name because the name was unique, simple, and had a great story behind it.

The first thing our founders agreed on when they decided to move forward with their idea was that every plate of food they served would be of the highest quality possible. They wanted the food in their restaurants to taste just like a home cooked Thanksgiving feast and they wanted to achieve this while still serving the food fast and at a great price.

They proceeded to go to several food distributors and each time the first thing that they said to them is exactly what they originally agreed on…that they needed the highest quality products that the distributor had to offer. Each time the food distributor took the partners list and pulled some samples of all of their highest quality products they could find.

After selecting the food company the partners and the food distributor’s executive chef painstakingly went over each recipe to make sure all of the highest quality ingredients were used and used correctly. All of this work and commitment to high quality has resulted in TGD having a real home cooked taste in each and every bite while still being served fast and at a great price so everyone can enjoy it.



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