Holiday Desserts that Make Great Food Gifts

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From the Diabetic Living Online website its Holiday Desserts that Make Great Food Gifts. Delicious and Diabetic Friendly recipes that include; Lemon-Pistachio Slice-and-Bake Cookies, Mexican Chocolate Cutouts, Pistachio-White Chocolate Pretzels, and more! You can find them all at the Diabetic Living Online website! Be sure to check all the healthy recipes while there. Enjoy and Eat Healthy!

Holiday Desserts that Make Great Food GiftsDiabetic living logo

Share something sweet with folks on your “nice” list, and include the carb counts, too. These yummy Christmas cookies and creative holiday goodies fit great into a diabetic diet. Plus, they come with instructions for pretty packaging you can make. We’ve even included free holiday gift tags!



Lemon-Pistachio Slice-and-Bake Cookies

These nutty lemon crisps will be a hit with everyone on your gift list. Be sure to save a few for Santa……

Mexican Chocolate Cutouts

A hint of pepper gives these rich cookies a tantalizing bite…..

Pistachio-White Chocolate Pretzels

These chocolate-dipped pretzels are rolled in good-for-you toppers like dried cranberries, almonds, and pistachios…..




* Click the link below to get all the Holiday Desserts that Make Great Food Gifts

Christmas Recipes from Kraft Foods!

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Need some last minute Christmas food ideas? Look no further just click the link at the end of the post. The Kraft site is loaded with great ideas.


Kraft Foods Logo
What would Christmas memories be without the wonderful Christmas food that comforts us during the magical holiday season. Let us help you plan an unforgettable Christmas dinner menu this year. Browse our collection of holiday recipes for Christmas cookies, Christmas side dishes and Christmas appetizers.

Holiday Cocktails: Seasonal Drinks from Top Mixologists

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From the PBS web site it’s the Holiday Cocktails: Seasonal Drinks from Top Mixologists. Some fantastic drink recipes and ideas for your upcoming Holiday Parties, the link is at the bottom of the post.



PBS Christmas



Holiday Cocktails: Seasonal Drinks from Top Mixologists

During the merriment of the holiday season, many people focus on planning what recipes to serve, but don’t forget about the most important course – your holiday cocktails! The nation’s best mixologists have gathered their holiday spirits, hoping to quench their thirst for creativity by putting twists on more than just lemon peels. With cocktail recipes from coast to coast, the best bartenders and cocktail bloggers are sharing their holiday cocktails perfect for your party or pre-dinner drink. Whether served hot with wintry spices, sweetened with homemade syrups or livened with seasonal berries, this collection of New Year’s Eve and Christmas drink recipes will make your spirits bright….

Healthy Christmas Brunch Recipes

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Here’s a few ideas for some Healthy Christmas Brunch Recipes! It’s all from the Delish web site, I left the link to see all ideas at the bottom of the page.



Healthy Christmas Brunch RecipesDelish
The presents under the tree aren’t the only gifts you can give to your family on Christmas morning — treat them to Christmas brunch. These recipes for delicious dishes and soothing drinks are a perfect end to your morning holiday celebration.



Orange-Spiced Fruit Bread

Orange zest, aniseed, and allspice, along with honey, lend this full-bodied fruit bread an intriguing flavor. The medley of three dried fruits gives it a chewy texture, eye-catching color, and healthful fiber. For a festive look, the bread is baked in a tube pan: a 10-cup Bundt, Kugelhopf, or other pan with a center tube and decorative shape is ideal…..




Fresh Fruit Jam

Nothing beats the taste of fresh fruit jam. And when you make it yourself, you can control the amount of sugar used…..




* Click the link below for Healthy Christmas Brunch Recipes *

What To Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers

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Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas from the PBS web site, the link is at the bottom of the page.





What To Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers
November 20, 2012

After all the cooking and cleaning of Thanksgiving is over, you likely will not want to cook anymore. Thanksgiving leftovers do not have to be complicated recipes. You just have to get creative! We have a few suggestions to get your Thanksgiving leftovers out of the fridge and recreated into new dishes…..
Kabocha Turkey Pasta

Mix turkey and pumpkin into this Autumn-colored pasta dish that is rich in protein and flavor. It’s a quick weeknight meal, but it also makes for a great appetizer course at a fall dinner party….

Turkey Salad Roll-Ups

Make some healthy turkey salad roll-ups with this delicious lunch recipe. Leftover roasted turkey is mixed with creamy mayonnaise and Dijon mustard then wrapped up in a whole-wheat wrap with a healthy smear of cranberry sauce….

* Click the link to get all these great leftover recipes! *

Holiday Recipes: Must-Have Main Dishes

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Passing along some Thanksgiving tips and recipes from Diabetic Living On Line. The link to all the recipes is at the end of the post, Enjoy!


Diabetic living logo

Holiday Recipes: Must-Have Main Dishes
Gather around the dinner table to enjoy our scrumptious, diabetes-friendly holiday main dishes. From roasted turkey and chicken to herb-infused pork and beef, these festive entrees are perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrations. We’ve reduced the carbs and calories, so these delicious holiday dishes won’t derail your diabetic meal plan.



Traditional Roast Turkey
A medley of herbs and vegetables gives this golden roasted bird fresh-from-the-garden flavor while adding minimal carbs, calories, and fat — great for diabetic meal plans. Bonus: After the holiday dinner, you’ll have plenty of turkey left for future meals…..


Southwest Salmon and Sweet Potatoes
Switch things up and serve salmon and sweet potatoes for your holiday dinner. Using foil packets to steam foods — rather than cooking them in butter or oil — helps trim calories and fat. This salmon and sweet potato combo is a delightful example of yummy, diabetes-friendly dinners the whole family will love…..



* Click the link below to get all the Holiday Recipes: Must-Have Main Dishes *

Labor Day Menu by the Food Network

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Here’s some great Labor Day tips and recipes to make that Labor Day Dinner a little bit better! The link for it all is at the end of the post.



Labor Day Menu by the Food Network



Rachael’s Black Bean and Corn Salad
Creamy Potato Salad
Lobster Rolls with Butter
Beer Can Chicken with Cola Barbecue Sauce
Ina’s Fresh Peach Cake
Barbecue Cheeseburgers

Read more at:

33 Crowd-Pleasing July 4th Recipes

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Here’s some Crowd-Pleasing July 4th Recipes from the Eating Well web site! I left the link to the site at the end of the post.



Eating Well



33 Crowd-Pleasing July 4th Recipes
We’ve got all the great-tasting, healthy recipes you’ll need for your 4th of July, healthier pasta salads and potato salads, juicy burgers and flavorful grilled meat recipes. But the real star is dessert. This gorgeous flag cake, made with a lightened cream cheese frosting and fresh summer berries, is sure to have everyone ooh-ing and ahh-ing. And don’t miss our easy red, white and blue recipes featured on NBC’s Today show!
Put a fresh twist on your classic American fare with this selection of easy, healthy July 4th recipes. Make a festive menu for your July 4th cookout with delicious coleslaws and potato salads, juicy burgers and grilled chicken and of course, fresh summer desserts. These All-American recipes for the 4th of July are healthier versions of classic picnic favorites that everyone at your cookout will enjoy.


Peach Custard Pie
We use low-fat milk along with nonfat Greek yogurt in the creamy custard for this peach pie. The yogurt gives the custard a smooth texture without using cream or too many egg yolks. A slice is just as delicious served warm from the oven as it is chilled. For an added treat, serve topped with fresh blueberries….


Beer-Barbecued Chicken
Here’s our spin on the roast-a-chicken-on-top-of-a-can-of-beer technique that’s popular with barbecue aficionados. To simplify things, we just pour a little beer inside the chicken as it cooks. The beer keeps the meat juicy and a smoky-flavored spice rub both under and over the skin gives it extra flavor. Barbecuing poultry with the skin on helps prevent the meat from drying out. To keep calories and fat in check, remove the skin before serving…..


Get these and more Eating Well recipes by clicking the link below!

Cookies a Perfect Way to Say “Thank You”

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Toll House Pecan Turtle Delight

Toll House Pecan Turtle Delight

My Dad has been in a rehab center, Berkly Square, for going on a week now. He’s making progress slowly but surely. The staff there has been outstanding! So with the Holiday’s here what better way than Cookies to say thank you. I baked 3 dozen Cookies for the staff and other Patients. I used Nestle Toll House Cookies, Ultimates Pecan Turtle Delight and Walnut Chocolate Chip. Hope they enjoy them!


Five fabulous new ways to cook your Thanksgiving turkey

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This seemed like a good time to pass this along all about different Turkey cooking methods. I left the link at the bottom of the post so you can read the entire article, it’s a good one!

Five fabulous new ways to cook your Thanksgiving turkey
10:36 am November 19, 2012, by John Kessler

All those fancy cooks at the New York Times are proposing exciting ways to cook your Thanksgiving turkey. Why shove your bird into the oven on a roasting pan, they ask, when you know that’s just a one-way ticket to the ho hums?

According to the New York Times, you should STEAM your turkey.

But if that’s too much work, then you should BRAISE the bird or — better yet — SPATCHCOCK the sucker.

We will not be outdone by those commonplace techniques here at the AJC. If you really want to impress guests far beyond any way they might be momentarily wowed by a New York Times turkey, may we propose one of these five exciting new preparation methods:….

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