An Easy But Tasty Lunch and I’ve switched to Sargento Cheese!

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For lunch I broke the flat griddle out making a Grilled Cheese and Ham Sandwich. Easy to make, delicious, and still a classic comfort food!



I used Healthy Life Whole Grain Bread, Sargento Ultra Thin Colby/Jack Cheese, and Kroger Brand Private Selection Smokehouse Hickory Ham. I used I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter to coat the grill. As I said it’s quick, easy and delicious. The Smokehouse Ham is some of the best packaged Ham there is, very flavorful! The Sargento Cheese is only 120 calories and 1 carb for 3 slices. Ah the Cheese.


I’ve been using Kraft Cheese products my entire life. But in the past couple of years the size and amount of the various Kraft Cheese has been getting smaller and smaller with the price remaining the same or in some instances increasing. I’m a huge fan of their Cracker Barrel Extra Sharp Cheese (Block). That has shrunk from 540g down to 500g (was 600g in 2007). Plus I’ve noticed that the local stores around here are carrying less Kraft Cheese Products and the 2% Cheese products are real hard to find. So with all that I’ve almost completely switched over to Sargento Cheese. The prices are somewhat cheaper most of the time and they have a fantastic selection of Reduced Fat and Ultra Thin Cheese products. So it’s goodbye Kraft, hello Sargento!


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The Griddle means Pancakes!

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It’s about 6:45 am and not a creature is stirring, but ME! I go out and get the Saturday papers, and it’s a beautiful morning! A beautiful morning deserves a great Breakfast start. So I heated up the flat griddle and mixed up some Pancake Batter. I always use New Hope Mills Pancake Mix. It makes some nice and fluffy Pancakes while they are only 200 calories and 6 carbs per serving (4 Pancakes). I only had 2 of them and saved the other 2 for Mom. So my calorie count was only 100 and carbs 3! You can’t beat that and throw in how good they are. I used Joesph’s Sugarless Maple Flavored Syrup, 35 calories and 9 carbs. Another great one when your watching the calories and carbs, I only used a 1/2 a serving of this also. I then topped it with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.

For the Bacon I used one I had never tried until earlier this week, Jennie – O Turkey Bacon. I really prefer this over what I had been using. The taste is better, fries up crisper, and is 15 less calories for 3 slices! 3 slices are 90 calories and 0 carbs.

I’ve got the dishes done, another advantage of using the griddle 1 pan to clean, the paper read, and the hot Bigelow Decaf Green Tea drank. I’m ready to get out and enjoy this beautiful day!


Pancakes in the morning!

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It had been too long since I had Pancakes. So this morning was the morning to get the griddle out and flip those cakes! Having Diabetes 2 regular Pancakes are a little high in carbs especially when you add the Maple Syrup. So after sampling and tasting different brands I settled on New Hope Mills Pancake and Waffle Mix along with Joseph’s Sugar Free Maple Flavored Syrup. The Pancakes are only 200 calories and 6 carbs (3 net carbs) for 4 Pancakes! The Joseph’s Syrup is 35 calories and 9 carbs per serving (1/4 cup), which I never use a full serving. I also had 3 pieces of Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon which is only 35 calories and 0 carbs. Diabetes or not you can still have a great tasting and filling breakfast.

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