Wild Idea on Food Network – Sunday 9pm/8c

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Wild Idea on Food Network – Sunday 9pm/8cWild Idea


There is big news from Wild Idea this week! This Sunday evening at 9pm/8c on the Food Network, Wild Idea Buffalo will be featured as a stop for The Great Food Truck Race. Tune in and watch as the contestants try to create the best dishes possible using our 100% grass-fed buffalo and then sell the most items from their food trucks.

Wild Idea’s Jill O’Brien, who creates original buffalo recipes of her own, was glad to host the show and food trucks. “I can’t give away any secrets but I can tell you we are bracing for an onslaught of new fans who care about where their food comes from and who are looking for a delicious, healthy, sustainable red meat alternative,” she says.

Jill will be “live tweeting” her reactions to what is on the screen during the airing of the program. The tweets will be available on Wild Idea’s Twitter page @WildIdeaBuffalo. Employees, friends, and fans will be gathering to watch the show as well.




Audience Vote Crowns Winner of “Food Network Star”

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Winner’s Series Produced by Star Mentor Alton Brown Slated for Fall Premiere

NEW YORK – July 23, 2012 – After a groundbreaking eighth season and an audience vote tallying 4.5 million, America has chosen Brooklyn’s Justin Warner as winner of Food Network Star’s ultimate grand prize – his own Food Network series, to be produced by his Star mentor Alton Brown. Known for his “Rebel with a Culinary Cause” point-of-view, Justin distinguished himself with a witty on-camera presence and unique, edgy spins on every dish he created – all fine-tuned over the course of the series by Food Network icon Brown. Over 30 million viewers tuned in to season eight of the hit series, which began in May with culinary superstars Brown, Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay each hand-selecting a team of five finalists to produce and mentor through the Star experience to find one winner who possesses personality and kitchen chops. The finale came down to four finalists – Justin and Martie Duncan (Birmingham, Ala.) from Team Alton, Yvan Lemoine (Maspeth, N.Y.) from Team Giada and Michele Ragussis (Brooklyn, N.Y.) from Team Bobby. The winner’s new series is scheduled for a fall premiere on Food Network.

“Justin is a rule breaker in the best possible sense, much like his mentor Alton Brown. He approaches food with a quirky sense of joy that made him stand out from the very beginning of the season,” said Bob Tuschman, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Food Network. “Viewers certainly agreed, and we are thrilled to welcome him and his distinct culinary voice to Food Network.”

“I had a feeling about Justin the first time we met, when he auditioned for me in Atlanta. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I’m pretty sure it’s because I thought I saw a little me in him – deep down, we all want to replicate ourselves,” said Brown. “But as soon as the competition cranked up, it became clear that Justin is an original, possessing a singular culinary vision. I did very little to steer him through the weeks that followed, mostly I tried to make sure his real character came through in each challenge. It’s been a great honor to accompany him on this part of his journey.”

Justin Warner is a self-taught cook and owner/chef of Do or Dine, a restaurant in Brooklyn, N.Y. that he and his partners built from the ground up. Originally from Hagerstown, Md. he began working in restaurants at just thirteen years old and has knowledge of the industry that extends way beyond his years. Justin’s approach to food reflects his personality – edgy, intense, passionate and witty.

Mango Curry Chicken and Rice

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Today’s Menu: Mango Curry Chicken and Rice

I had seen Patak’s Taste of India Sauces advertised on the Food Network for a while now so I wanted to give it a try. I diced up 3 Thin Cut Chicken Breasts for my meat and used Uncle Ben’s Rice. The sauce provides a fantastic flavor. I had the mild sauce this time but next time I’ll try the spicy to get more of a kick. This sauce was very good though. I think it would go good with Pork Chops. Anyway I’ll leave the sauce description of the sauce I used. can’t wait to try the other sauces and Patak’s products.

Pataks Mango Curry Cooking Sauce (mild)
A mildly spiced, sweet mango sauce that is sure to shock your taste buds! You will love this spicy, cream-based sauce with hints of mango chutney. Recipe on bottle provides instructions to prepare Mango Chicken on the stove or in the oven. This sauce is also great with vegetables.



‘Food Network Star’ Recap: ‘Dinner Party for Wolfgang Puck’

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Food Network Star’ Recap: ‘Dinner Party for Wolfgang Puck
Michael Pascua
One contestant upsets Wolfgang Puck when they make a bad risotto.

[Food Network Star – Season 7 Episode 7]

After almost being eliminated, Whitney called her boyfriend and complained the judges thought that she was being too uptight. Her boyfriend responded by saying, “You are uptight.” This woke her up to the fact that while she has to be serious while cooking, she has to balance the personality that the judges thought she lacked.

The contestants arrived to their next challenge and Bobby announced that it was midterms. All the contestants would be evaluated from their weeks of competition. Two people would be eliminated, and the remaining six would go to New York City. Bobby announced the Camera Challenge which was to create a signature dish and give a two-minute demo. Bobby suggested different things for the contestants to work on.

Jyll – Bobby talked to Jyll about wanting to be surprised. She decided to make Carpaccio and tried to make a pushy “Don’t change the channel!” remark and it flopped completely. The judges hated her attempt.

Whitney – Whitney’s continued criticism came from her lack of personality and warmth. Through her gazpacho, she tried to explain the story of her visiting sorority sisters. The judges liked both her dish and the story.

Chris – Bobby warned Chris that his shopping list of food was an issue. He also had continued problems with his personality on camera. In his camera presentation, Chris talked a lot but never did any demonstration. Bobby questioned his maturity level.

Jeff – Jeff had energy, but lacked the warmth that a Food Network Star needs. He explained his chicken vesuvio and while he tried to be warm, he had no energy in front of the camera.

Mary Beth – As a writer, Mary Beth continues to talk well, but Bobby was hoping that she could talk to the audience/judges in such a way that she invented the dish. Mary Beth had to figure out what the unique selling points of her dish were. She made spaghetti and meatballs and in her presentation made no explanation to why her dish was special.

Susie – Bobby suggested focusing on teaching the audience how to cook. While Susie made traditional enchiladas for the judges, her demonstration was about making tortillas. The problem was she never got to explain what the tortillas had to do with the enchiladas. Judge Bob pointed out that she lacked a map and needed direction.

Penny – Like every week, Penny continued to come off a bit rough around the edges. Bobby suggested fixing her likability. Apparently her “likeability” came in the form of cultural knowledge of Istanbul. Penny was so nervous that it sounded worse. The judges all agreed that her food tasted good.

Vic – Bobby had an issue with Vic’s knowledge factor. He hoped that Vic would be both an expert and a strong teacher. He prepared a seared Sea Bass which was less “Mama’s Boy” and more Vegas. Vic had a nervous energy and sounded like a shopping list of food. Time ran out before he got to do his demonstration.

The judges announced that Whitney was the clear winner. She would be given an advantage in the next challenge. The following challenge would announce which two would be eliminated. At the contestants’ home, Bobby knocked and announced the next challenge. Bobby wanted the contestants to create an over-the-top dinner party meal. Bobby forced the contestants to use only food found in the house. Luckily for them, it seemed like not only was their kitchen well stocked (there were four whole chickens for Whitney to select), but there were several cuts of meat conveniently packaged in butcher paper. As the winner of the Camera Challenge, Whitney was the person who selected order and got to pick the two people to buy decor. She chose Mary Beth and Penny.

First Course: Jeff
Second Course: Vic
Third Course: Mary Beth
Fourth Course: Penny
Fifth Course: Jyll
Sixth Course: Whitney
Seventh Course: Susie
Dessert: Chris

The contestants would all have to share the one kitchen where only eight pots or pans could fit on the burner. Whitney, as the winner, tried to gauge what everyone was doing. As second course, Vic wanted to do something involving cheese. Susie wanted to do a cheese platter as a closer. While there were no Mexican cheeses, she found Feta which had similar tastes to a Mexican cheese. Whitney picked the main meat dish for her to make sure she impressed the judges. Chris didn’t have measurements for the cake he planned to make. Everyone else got nervous for him as they know one wrong proportion could mess up his cake. Whitney talked to Jyll and she decided to make a risotto. Mary Beth wanted to work with a sweet and spicy butternut soup. With two ovens, Whitney took the big oven to fit her four chickens. Mary Beth and Chris had to share the smaller oven for both of their dishes. Jeff decided to do a salad with a rib eye, even though it wasn’t a sandwich. Vic only had white bread so he planned on making a mozzarella carozza. Chris started to freak out because the small oven was at 450 instead of 300. He started screaming that he was sabotaged.

Penny and Mary Beth headed to Target and, as good cross-promotion, Sabrina Soto from HGTV gave the most useless information about decorating to Penny and Mary Beth. They came back with bags from Target and somewhere in-between cooking, everything was unpacked and the table was set up. Penny decided to cook prawns and, unlike last episode, she was on time. Mary Beth wanted to make sure her food was good and she adjusted the heat of the oven. Chris complained to her about the oven temperature. Mary Beth then decided that she could just finish the rest of the cooking on the stovetop. Jyll cooked her risotto and it was a bit mushy for Whitney just looking at the texture. Jyll asked Whitney if it was okay and Whitney really didn’t answer. Mary Beth added a bit of cayenne pepper to add a twist to her food. With time running out Jeff put on his headband and plated.

The contestants welcomed the judges and Wolfgang Puck to their house. As part of cross-promotion we were told that Giada and judge Susie loved the decor. Jeff introduced his salad and was funny with his comments. The salad turned out well and was dainty. He impressed the judges. Vic introduced his mozzarella carozza with scallops and arugula. Wolfgang liked the crispy texture. The judges realized that Vic’s more charming with the audience, but not with camera. Mary Beth introduced her butternut squash with her cayenne twist. The soup was too spicy. Wolfgang thought it sounded better than it actually tasted. Penny presented next and her dish was pretty and Wolfgang liked her use of spices. Like Vic, she was warmer in person. Jyll was worried about her risotto but explained how she also placed asparagus and corn in the dish. Wolfgang reamed her for making a bad risotto and walked Jyll to the kitchen.

Wolfgang gave the contestants an explanation of the risotto in the kitchen. Vic was totally embarrassed for Jyll. Bobby pointed out that any chef needs to learn from mistakes and continue cooking. Wolfgang liked that she kept a smile, Susie F. and Giada wanted real emotions instead.

Whitney wanted to use her family as inspiration. She used the phrase, “my parents on a plate,” which made me think she cooked her parents. The rice had a strong puff, the food was good but Bob questioned the emotions. Susie used a Mexican dish without any Mexican cheese. Bobby thought that she was resourceful and Judge Susie loved how much soul was in her food. Chris was worried about his dish being too dense. He explained his dish and then admitted that he was sorry for having such a bad dish. He started to make excuses about his food even before the judges got to taste the food. Bob called him a walking apology. Giada thought the cake had a horrible texture. After the challenge, Jyll was in tears in the back because of her time with Wolfgang.

The contestants walked in to judging. Judge Susie explained that two people would be eliminated. Vic was told that he was in the bottom of the pack before, moved to the top, and then stalled in his camera challenge. His food for Wolfgang was great, but he lacks any explanation. Whitney has been consistent. After getting previous judgments of being clinical, Whitney was warmer and more fun this week. Susie has passion and technique, but she still lacked focus. Judge Susie liked her background which would connect her with the audience. She was in tears, explaining how she was 17 and moved out of her family for a better life for herself: She wanted to make her father proud.

Jyll tried to admit that she was digging her fingernails into her hands to try distracting her from the embarrassment. Bob thought cracks in her armor were good. The judges told her that letting go was good. Jeff has always had three strong elements: humor, warmth, and energy. Like rock, paper, scissor, Jeff never has been able to balance all three elements. The salad was good. The judges questioned why he made a salad when sandwiches were his specialty. The judges loved Penny’s food, but her energy disappears when she was in front of the camera. Chris has enthusiasm, but Giada thought she was immature. Bobby thought he needed more experience. He bashed him about the cake. Mary Beth speaks well with food, but her food always disappointed. The cayenne didn’t help with the heat.

The judges announced that Susie, Jeff, Whitney, and Vic were safe. The rest of the contestants were sent back so the judges could deliberate. The judges questioned Penny’s lack of warmth. Mary Beth was smart but relatable. Her food cooking was questionable. Jyll has personality, but it didn’t connect with food. She lacks reliability. Chris doesn’t know who he was and talked down his own food. The judge made their decision and called the contestants back in. Chris and Penny were eliminated, which meant Mary Beth and Jyll were safe. Penny was happy that she got to show her culture and background to America.


Duff Goldman’s new Food Network show to debut Aug. 8

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Duff Goldman made famous by Ace of Cakes, has a knack for satisfying America’s sugary curiosity. In his new series, Sugar High, premiering Monday, August 8th at 10:30pm ET/PT, Duff takes a cross-country trek to capture the sweet secrets and tasty techniques that keep the cookies from crumbling in the top dessert destinations around the country. In the six-episode premiere season Duff visits a bevy of sweet spots from diners and snow cone machines to food carts and boutique bakeries, getting a full view of what it takes to sweeten up any soiree. His stops include Los Angeles, Dallas, New Orleans, Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia where in each city he brings his expertise and personality to his search to find the nation’s best baked goods.

“As a staple Food Network icon, Duff has developed a loyal following and this new show gives him an avenue to showcase a different side of his personality while celebrating the food category he loves and the people who create it,” said Bob Tuschman, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Programming & Production, Food Network.

Throughout the season Duff highlights decadent desserts that are anything but ordinary from chilled bread pudding on the Venice boardwalk in California and tableside s’mores in Dallas, to Sno Ballz from the first-ever, shaved-ice machine in New Orleans and a slice of apple strudel in Chicago. Duff also satisfies his sweet tooth with lemon ginger mousse at a hip Asian diner in Boston and traditional rice pudding at a dessert boutique in Philadelphia.

Duff has been cooking since the age of four and started working professionally at a bagel shop in a mall when he was 14, and since then, Duff’s been putting his own crazy spin on food. After graduating from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with degrees in History and Philosophy, he went on to study at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, California. He worked at several acclaimed culinary destinations, including the French Laundry, the Vail Cascade Hotel, and Todd English‘s Olives before returning to Baltimore in 2000 to become a personal chef. In March 2002, he opened Charm City Cakes where he was able to show off his creativity, and the bakery became a household name on Ace of Cakes, which aired for ten seasons on Food Network. Most recently, Duff and his team have headed to Los Angeles to open a second location of the bakery, Charm City Cakes West, which is scheduled to open in August.

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