11 Ways to ease a nasty Hangover

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Thought this might help those who need it!


11 Ways to ease a nasty Hangover
We chugged H20, popped pills, and even rolled in the sheets to ease our throbbing cranium. Here’s what worked
Brittany Risher

You know better than to buy anything labeled “hangover cure” for the mornings after a wild night, but there has to be something out there to ease the headache, nausea, and overall sense of feeling like crap—right?

We went to the experts with your list of hangover remedies (thank you, Facebook fans) and asked them what really works. While the research on this topic is limited and there’s no one solution to fix all the symptoms of a hangover, a few things can help alleviate specific problems…..



* Click the link below to get all the cures! *

Hungry Girl Burger King and Wendy’s Survival Guide!

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Hungry Girl 1

A good one from the Hungry Girl web site, the Burger King and Wendy’s Survival Guide. So if your on the run and eating out check this out first. I love this web site! The web link is below.


Here’s EVERYTHING you need to know for guilt-free eating at BK… It’s our Burger King and Wendy’s Survival Guide!





Murray Sugar Free Cookies

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Murray Sugar Free® Cookies


Almost all of us fight those snack or sugar cravings. For about the past year or so I’ve been buying Murray Sugar Free Cookies. Usually 2 or 3 cookies satisfys my cravings. My two favorites are the Murray Sugar Free® Shortbread Cookies and Murray Sugar Free® Fudge Dipped Wafers. They have a great assortment to choose from so if your watching the calories and carbs for weight loss or watching them if you have Diabetes 2 these give you nice option to fill those cravings.




Murray Sugar Free® CookiesMurray shortbread

The makers of Murray Sugar Free® cookies are dedicated to making great tasting cookies that fit with your desire to reduce sugar intake as part of a sugar-free lifestyle. Learn about our products, find nutrition information, helpful tools, recipes, exchange ideas and take advantage of money-saving offers.




About Us

Murray Sugar Free® is America’s #1 brand of sugar-free cookies – but we didn’t get there overnight. Our heritage began back in 1940 when John L. Murray and his son, John Jr., began making vanilla wafers and founded Murray Biscuit Company. Since then, we’ve developed new recipes and product innovations and in 1994, our master bakers cleverly eliminated sugar from the recipe and we introduced the first sugar free cookie. We’ve never looked back. Today, as part of the Kellogg Company, Murray Sugar Free® is dedicated to making great tasting cookies that fit with your desire to reduce sugar intake as part of a sugar-free lifestyle. We invite you to explore this Website, join our fans on Facebook and learn more about mouthwatering Murray Sugar Free® cookies and dessert recipes.

(My Two Favorites)

Murray Sugar Free® Shortbread cookies
Dietary Exchange Per Serving

1 Carbohydrate, 1 Fat

Murray Sugar Free® Fudge Dipped Wafers

Dietary Exchange Per Serving

1 Carbohydrate, 2 Fats




Kitchen Hint of the Day!

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Making a graham cracker crust can turn into quite a mess – particularly when pressing the crumbs into the pie plate with greasy, buttered hands. Stop the crumbs from sticking by putting your hands into a plastic bag before the pressing begins.


Kitchen Hint of the Day!

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You’ll never buy another box of popsicles again after you learn this easy recipe for the homemade variety. Simply pour your favorite juice into waxy paper cups, then add a small plastic spoon or tongue depressor into the middle once they are half-frozen. When they’re completely solid, peel away the cup for an icy treat

Kitchen Hint of the Day!

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To give the icing that silky look that professionally made cakes always seem to have, ice it as usual and then blow air from a hairdryer over top of it for a minute. It will melt the icing slightly, giving it the shiny appearance you’re looking for.

Kitchen Hint of the Day!

April 4, 2013 at 10:19 AM | Posted in baking | 1 Comment
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If you need to store a cake more than a day or two, put half an apple in the container. The apple will provide just enough moisture to keep the cake from drying out too soon.

Kitchen Hint of the Day!

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Make sure you get rid of any bubbles in you cake batter before baking it. This is easily accomplished by holding the pan an inch or two above the counter and tapping it two or three times to release any air pockets. Just be careful-the batter might splatter.


Kitchen Hint of the Day!

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Ow! If you or your child bites into a piece of pizza that’s too hot to eat, reach for a glass of milk. Milk will soothe the roof of your mouth better than cold water because the protein in milk will create a protective film over your burns. Now let the pizza cool a bit before you take another bite.


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