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Muffin Tins………

Baking stuffed apples, tomatoes, or bell peppers in a well greased muffin tin will help them to hold their shape – and make sure they don’t tip over when you take them out of the oven.


Kitchen Hint of the Day!

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Thank you to Glenna for passing this hint along………..

To keep potatoes from budding, place an apple in the bag with the potatoes.

One of America’s Favorites – Apple Butter

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Apple butter on a slice of bread

Apple butter is a highly concentrated form of apple sauce produced by long, slow cooking of apples with cider or water to a point where the sugar in the apples caramelizes, turning the apple butter a deep brown. The concentration of sugar gives apple butter a much longer shelf life as a preserve than apple sauce.



The roots of apple butter lie in Limburg (Belgium and the Netherlands) and Rhineland (Germany), conceived during the Middle Ages, when the first monasteries (with large fruit yards) appeared. The production of the butter was a perfect way to conserve part of the fruit production of the monasteries in that region, at a time when almost every village had its own apple-butter producers. The production of apple butter was also a popular way of using apples in colonial America, well into the 19th century.

The product contains no actual dairy butter; the term butter refers only to the butter-like thick, soft consistency, and apple butter’s use as a spread for breads. Sometimes seasoned with cinnamon, clove, and other spices, apple butter is usually spread on bread, used as a side dish, an ingredient in baked goods, or as a condiment. Apple butter is also used on a sandwich to add an interesting flavor, but is not as commonly used as in historical times.

Vinegar or lemon juice is sometimes mixed in while cooking to provide a small amount of tartness to the usually sweet apple butter. The Pennsylvania Dutch often include apple butter as part of their traditional ‘seven sweets and seven sours’ dinner table array.

In areas of the American South, the production of apple butter is a family event, due to the large amount of labor necessary to produce apple butter in large quantities. Traditionally, apple butter was prepared in large copper kettles outside. Large paddles were used to stir the apples, and family members would take turns stirring. In Appalachia, apple butter was the only type of fruit preserve normally rendered into fruit leather.

In Europe, an apple butter is traditionally made which is closer to dense syrup, in the Netherlands (known as appelstroop, meaning apple syrup) and in Germany (known as apfelkraut) and frequently eaten on bread with (or without) thinly sliced cheese and with Sauerbraten. A sweeter version, made using pears, as well as apples, is more popular in Belgium, where it is known as sirop de Liège. Other than in Benelux and the Rhineland, apple syrup is a minority taste in Western Europe (in Germany, outside of the Rhineland, it is generally sold in health food shops), and a similar food is produced in francophone Switzerland, where it is known as vin cuit.

Russian Пови́дло (from Czech povidla, or Polish powidła or powidło) is prepared by the reduction of fruit puree with some sugar and sometimes spices. The final product should contain no more than 34% of moisture and about 60% of sugar. The most popular one is made from apples, but povidlo is also made from apricots, cherries, prunes, pears, and cranberries. Polish powidła are made from fresh purple plums and with addition of sugar.

In Jersey, in the Channel Islands, apple butter is known as black butter or lé nièr beurre and includes liquorice as an ingredient.

In Japan, apple butter often contains actual butter and is a considerably lighter in color, typically a shade of yellow. It is used as a spread on toast or as a filling in baked buns, and may consist of a mashed texture with small apple chunks, similar to the red bean paste filling used in anpan. It is produced in apple-growing regions such as Nagano and Aomori Prefectures and often uses local apple varieties such as Fuji.

Apple butter can be used as a fat substitute in reduced-fat or fat-free cooking, as well as vegan recipes.


* Apples (peeled, cored, and finely chopped)
* Brown (or white) sugar or unrefined sugar beet juice
* Apple juice (or apple cider)
* Spices (nutmeg, cloves, allspice, cardamom, vanilla extract and lemon juice – optional.)

Types of apples
Different types of apples can be used for the production of apple butter. Apples are chosen based on their physical

Soft apples are usually used to make apple butter

and chemical properties – such as hardness, sweetness, acidity/tartness, etc. Soft apples are often chosen for the production of apple butter because they can be broken down more easily and faster when cooked. These types of apples include: McIntosh (soft, creamy), Cortland (soft, sweet-and-tart, all-purpose), Granny Smith (tartness sweetens upon cooking, ideal complement to savory and salty foods).

Apples are first selected based on ripeness, texture, natural sweetness and tartness/acidity. Some of these apples are pressed into fresh apple cider, while the rest are peeled and cored, then wholly steamed and cooked into apple puree. The freshly pressed apple cider and cooked apple puree are added to a large steam vat. Small amounts of sodium bicarbonate are added to the mixture in order to reduce acidity and help bring out sweetness from the natural fructose available in the apples. The mixture will then be boiled during the evaporation process, allowing the volume to reduce by about seven times. The end product will be a concentrated mixture used as apple butter.

Packaging and storage

Apple butter packaged at home in jars

Apple butter is typically packaged in the same way whether it is prepared in a factory setting or made at home. It can be packaged mechanically in jars or cans through the use of machinery.

Apple butter is a product created as a means of preserving apples. Due to its high acidity, high sugar content and low amounts of free water, an opened package can be kept for months at room temperature without spoiling. Nevertheless there are numerous methods that can be used for the storage of apple butter. No method is 100% dependable, as there is always a chance of the presence of bacteria or other microorganisms within the food itself, on the storage equipment or in the storage facility.

Typically, the jars are sterilized before packaging to ensure no harmful microorganisms or bacteria will infect the product, causing it to spoil. Ideally, jars are sterilized using a combination of high temperature heating and ensuring a tight seal.

Apples are a high acid food, with a pH below 4.6. Therefore, the apple butter can be placed in hot jars without chances of compromising quality of the product. The main sources of spoilage, molds, yeasts and enzymes, are killed at the temperatures reached in the hot water bath during the sterilization process for cans and jars. The spoilage microorganisms in acid foods can be destroyed in a small amount of time at temperatures below that of boiling water, so there is little risk of microorganisms appearing in the food product itself.

Freezing jars of apple butter can help to maintain quality and inhibit bacterial growth. This storage method does not destroy pre-existing microorganisms that may be present in the product, so it is important to be wary when consuming previously frozen product.

The nutritional value of apple butter varies quite a bit based on the recipe used to prepare that particular product. The ingredient list can be as simple as just two ingredients to a much more complicated mixture of foods. Although the ingredients may vary, which changes the nutritional value of the apple butter, the two main things that stand out to consumers on the nutritional facts table are the amount of carbohydrates and the amount of sugar that the apple butter contains. For 1 tablespoon the amount of carbohydrates range from 4-15 grams and the sugar content ranges from about 4-10 grams. Apple butter is not a good source for iron, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B, though it contains a small amount of vitamin C. Although all the recipes vary the main ingredients in all apple butters is apples and apple juice. In commercial brands of apple butter the type of apples used are not specified, but in certain homemade recipes they specify what types of apples to use. Commercial brands tend to use corn syrup in their apple butter. In homemade apple butter, sugar or brown sugar are more frequently used. Apple butter may be a healthier choice of spread than other breakfast spreads, but would not be considered to be healthy, as it does not give the consumer very many nutrients. Apple butter is more of an accessory food to put on your toast or other foods simply added for its taste.

Apple butter and apple sauce also have different uses. Popular ways of using apple butter include, condiment or spreads for pastries and pie fillings. It can also be used as a healthier alternative for oil, shortening, or butter. Some people also enjoy using it to marinate meat, or pairing it with cooked meat and cheeses such as cheddar, brie or chevre. Apple sauce, in contrast, is usually served on its own or as a side dish for a variety of dishes.

Difference between apple sauce and butter

A comparison of Apple Sauce to Apple Butter. Apple Sauce is a lot lighter in color and has a more liquid consistency.

A comparison of Apple Sauce to Apple Butter. Apple Sauce is a lot lighter in color and has a more liquid consistency.
During the preparation, apples are cored for apple sauces but not for apple butter, allowing it to have a much stronger apple taste. The two also differ in cooking time; apple sauce just needs to be cooked until the apples are soft enough to be pureed, while apple butter needs to be cooked until the apples brown, break down and thicken. As a result of its long cooking time, apple butter is a much darker, caramel brown color, while apple sauce is usually a lighter golden color. Apple sauce has a more liquid consistency while apple butter is thicker and is more spreadable.


Kitchen Hint of the Day!

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1/2 an apple will work………

If you need to store a cake more than a day or two, put half an apple in the container. The apple will provide just enough moisture to keep the cake from drying out too soon.

Healthy Pork Chop Recipes

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From the EatingWell website and Magazine its Healthy Pork Chop Recipes. Delicious and Healthy Pork Chop Recipes like; Puttanesca Pork Chops, Spicy Grilled Pork Chops, and Sauteed Pork Chops with Apples. Find these recipes and much more all at the EatingWell website. Also don’t forget to subscribe to the EatingWell Magazine! Enjoy and eat Healthy in 2018!

Healthy Pork Chop Recipes
Find healthy, delicious pork chop recipes including fried, grilled and breaded pork chops. Healthier recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell.

Puttanesca Pork Chops
This flavorful pork chop dinner recipe is proof that bold Neapolitan puttanesca sauce can liven up more than just spaghetti. Unlike brined olives like Kalamatas, oil-cured olives have a meatier bite because they’re coated in salt then macerated in oil. Look for them on olive bars or with other Italian products. Serve with sautéed broccoli rabe and whole-wheat orzo…….

Spicy Grilled Pork Chops
Chili powder, cumin, cinnamon, and hot pepper sauce guarantee these chops live up to their name—SPICY…………

Sauteed Pork Chops with Apples
The Sugar and Spice Rub makes extra. So another time, use it to season pork tenderloin or lean burgers before broiling or grilling……..

* Click the link below to get all the Healthy Pork Chop Recipes

Kitchen Hint of the Day!

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My favorite Apple, Honeycrisp……….

The health benefits from eating apples are numerous. One medium Honeycrisp apple has 5 grams of fiber and only 80 calories. Because of the amount and type of fiber, an apple will help a person feel full longer, helping him or her to consume fewer calories daily. The pectin in apples may also help lower cholesterol. And they’re delicious!

Wild Idea Buffalo of the Week Recipe of the Week – BUFFALO MINCEMEAT PIE WITH CILANTRO YOGURT SAUCE

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This week’s Wild Idea Buffalo Recipe of the Week is – BUFFALO MINCEMEAT PIE WITH CILANTRO YOGURT SAUCE. This week’s recipe uses Wild Idea Buffalo Stew Meat. Included are recipes for the Mincemeat, Pie Crust, and Cilantro Yogurt Sauce. You can find this recipe at the Wild Idea Buffalo website where you can also purchase any of the Wild Idea Products. Enjoy and Eat Healthy in 2018!



Do not let the length of this recipe deter you. Although there is a little work involved ahead of time, it is fairly easy and is a perfect make a head dish that will fill your house with delicious aromatic aromas.

Mincemeat Ingredients: (Serves 8 to 12 entrée or 46 Petite Hors d’oeuvre Pies)
2 – teaspoons cumin
2 – teaspoons cardamom
2 – teaspoons ginger
2 – teaspoons black pepper
1 – teaspoon salt
1 – teaspoon cinnamon
½ – teaspoon allspice
½ – teaspoon cayenne
½ – teaspoon turmeric
½ – teaspoon cloves
1 – tablespoon olive oil
2 – pounds , rinsed & patted dry, or 2 lbs. Ground Buffalo or Ground Round Buffalo
1 – onion, chopped
1 – tablespoon garlic, chopped
3 – tablespoon lemon juice
½ – cup raisins
2 – apples, peeled & chopped
½ – cup bourbon (Buffalo Trace)
1 – cup apple cider
1- tablespoon molasses


Wild Idea Buffalo Stew Meat

1 – Mix all dry spices together and set aside. 2 – Heat oil in heavy stockpot over medium high heat.
3 – Add stew meat and stir, cook for 3 minutes.
4 – Add onion and spices, stirring to incorporate. Cook for 5 minutes.
5 – Add garlic, lemon juice, raisins and apples and stir to incorporate.
6 – Add bourbon and then cider. Stir to incorporate and bring to a boil.
7 – Reduce heat to medium low, cover and simmer for 30 minutes.
8 – Remove cover and continue to cook until most (but not all) of the liquids are removed.
9 – Place ingredients into food processor and pulse puree until meat is finely minced.
10 – Cover & set aside.

Pie Crust
* Makes, 1 double pie crust. This is a heartier crust that stands up nicely to the heavier weight of the mincemeat.

2 – cups unbleached flour
1 – cup whole-wheat flour
1 – teaspoon salt
2 – teaspoons sugar
1½ – sticks butter, cut into small pieces
3 – eggs, beaten


1 – Place dry ingredients in a mixer and incorporate.
2 – Add butter pieces at a time.
3 – Add eggs slowly.
4 – Remove dough from mixer onto floured surface and lightly dust.
5 – Divide dough into 2 parts and roll out slightly between floured parchment papers.
6 – Line 8” deep pie pan with rolled pastry, dough should hangover the edge.
7 – Fill with mincemeat, spreading around evenly.
8 – Top with remaining pastry round, pinching top & bottom pastry together, pulling any excess off. Create pie edge with fingers or fork.
9 – With remaining pastry roll out and cut into leave patterns and place on top of pie.
10 – Cut 3 slits into top of pie pastry.
11 – Bake pie in a 375* oven for 1 hour, crust should be golden brown. Or refrigerate and bake at a later time.
12 – Serve pie with Cilantro Yogurt Sauce. Super Delicious!

Cilantro Yogurt Sauce (Makes 1 ½ cups.)

1- cup yogurt or whole milk
2 – cups fresh cilantro, chopped
¼ – cup fresh mint leaves
1 – jalapeno, seeded
2 – tablespoons garlic, chopped
1 – teaspoon cumin
1 – tablespoon lemon juice
½ – teaspoon salt
½ – cup cucumber, finely chopped

1 – Place all ingredients except cucumbers into blender and puree. Fold in cucumbers if desired. Keep refrigerated, but pull ½ hour before serving. This sauce is great on many things or as a dip. Keeps for 1 week in refrigerator.

Sweet and Savory Apple Recipes

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From the Diabetic Living Online website its – Sweet and Savory Apple Recipes. If you love Apples as much as I do, you are going to love these recipes! Diabetic Friendly Sweet and Savory Apple Recipes like; Amazing Apple Tart, Apple-Glazed Chicken with Spinach, and Cherry-Apple Cobbler. Find these recipes and more all at the Diabetic living Online website. Enjoy and Eat Healthy in 2018!

Sweet and Savory Apple Recipes
Apples are a super-versatile, budget-friendly, and fiber-packed fruit. We’ve included our favorite low-carb apple dessert recipes (think pies, crisps, and cobblers) and a few apple-infused side- and main-dish recipes, too. Best of all, these yummy apple dishes have been developed with a diabetic diet in mind.

Amazing Apple Tart
Juicy baked apples, a tender biscuitlike crust, and a sweet and spicy sauce add up to this diabetes-friendly dessert. That is truly amazing!…..

Apple-Glazed Chicken with Spinach
A drizzling of lemon-accented apple glaze lightly sweetens the braised spinach-topped chicken in this delightful dish…..

Cherry-Apple Cobbler
Make sure the fruit filling is hot when you spoon the biscuit batter over it. That way, the bottom of the “cobbled biscuit” will be thoroughly cooked…..

* Click the link below to get all the Sweet and Savory Apple Recipes

Kitchen Hint of the Day!

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When making Apple Pie….

I found these helpful hints on the Honest Cooking website (…….

Whether stuffed or baked for a side dish or a dessert or chopped up and hidden under a layer of dough or crumble topping, these apples hold their shape during cooking.

* Rome apples are very large with green-speckled red skin. This variety makes an impressive dessert when baked whole.

* Extra tart with thick, “apple green” skin, Granny Smiths are the perfect opposite to the sweeter baking apples, like Golden Delicious, for balanced pies and crisps.

* Braeburn apples are very crisp, sweet and tangy, making them great for baking or eating raw.

* Golden Delicious are excellent all-purpose apples that are particularly good in pies and crisps.

* Jonagold apples have a honeyed sweetness and crisp yellow flesh. This variety holds its shape during baking or sautéing.

Healthy Herb and Spice Recipes

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From the EatingWell website and Magazine its Healthy Herb and Spice Recipes. Delicious and Healthy Herb and Spice Recipes like; Cauliflower Casserole with Mixed-Seed Crust, Carnitas Tacos, and Caramel-Spiced Apples. Find these recipes and more all at the EatingWell website. While there subscribe to one of my favorite magazines the EatingWell Magazine. Enjoy and Eat Healthy in 2018!


Healthy Herb and Spice Recipes
Find healthy, delicious herb and spice recipes from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell.

Cauliflower Casserole with Mixed-Seed Crust
The cheesy-seedy crust that tops this healthy cauliflower casserole recipe evokes everything bagels. Serve for the holidays or as a hearty side dish with roast chicken…….

Carnitas Tacos
Richly flavorful pulled pork is served in corn tortillas with shredded cabbage, red onions, and salsa, then topped with lime crema…….

Caramel-Spiced Apples
Slow-cook apple halves in a spiced cider mixture and serve as dessert drizzled with caramel topping and sprinkled with pecans…….

* Click the link below to get all the Healthy Herb and Spice Recipes

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