Spicy Roasted Cauliflower Steaks — A Hint of Spice

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This recipe has become one of our family favourites – even if you don’t like cauliflower, you will love this dish. It’s really easy to make and tastes incredible. And it’s vegan! To cut the steaks, wash the cauliflower and cut off the stems as much as possible. Cut off the florets at the end. […]

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Texas Caviar — NancyC

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Super Bowl time is getting close and if you’re planning on watching the game, you’re probably deciding on what kind of snacks you want to make. If you’re still looking for ideas, this Texas Caviar is a great recipe to try! Some people also call it Cowboy Caviar. I’ve seen lots of variations on this […]

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#Zuchinni and corn #fritters #spicy #lowcarb — freespiritfood

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These fritters turned out light and fluffy and are quite filling. I spiced them up with the addition of chilli powder and cummin, but you could skip that if you like. I also threw in some finely chopped coriander and this could be replaced by parsley or skipped altogether. Also if you want to make […]

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National Cheese Lover’s Day

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January 20, 2020 is National Cheese Lover’s Day

Today is National Cheese Lover’s Day! Did you know that the average American consumes about 31 pounds of cheese each year? If you are a self-proclaimed cheese lover, indulge in your favorite type of cheese today!

Cheese is a very popular food across the world. There are more than 900 cheese types, classified by taste and texture. Here are the primary classifications and some examples: fresh cheese (ricotta); soft cheese (feta); semi-soft cheese (Fontina); semi-hard cheese (Gouda); hard cheese (Cheddar); double or triple crème cheese (Brillat-Savarin); blue cheese (Gorgonzola); washed rind cheese (Limburger); and bloomy rind cheese (Brie).

Visit your local grocery store and pick up your favorite kind of artisan cheese or cook a cheesy dish for dinner tonight in honor of National Cheese Lover’s Day!

Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower “Wings” — It’s Thyme to Eat!

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With Super Bowl LIV coming up in early February, I have started brainstorming new, healthy(ish) appetizer recipes for my Super Bowl party. Instantly, cauliflower “wings” came to mind. I have attempted to make cauliflower “wings” three times now with little success, but when I purchased an Air Fryer this month, I vowed to try again. […]

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Lemony Roasted Cauliflower Pasta — Let’s Go, Sho

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Don’t let the unassuming color fool you. You’ve got sweet caramelized shallots, fresh lemon zest and scallions and earthy cauliflower all in creamy and tangy sauce. No bland pasta here!

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Black Bean and Sweet Potato Tacos — City Foodie Farm

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It amazes me how you can take such simple ingredients and turn them into something amazing. This dish revolves around a sweet potato and a can of black beans. And lots of limes and cilantro. The good stuff really. Yes, I’m talking about cilantro. I love that stuff. And it’s so good for you. Just […]

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The Perfect Black Beans in your Crock Pot — Amor y Ajo

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If you are Latino/a you know that beans and rice are a staple in many countries. If you have a good pot of beans you are set for awhile. Beans go with so many things so the possibilities are many. But how do you get the perfect beans every single time?

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Celebrating the Everyday With Peach Pancakes — Maison McCauley

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My husband’s best friend, Ben, is a mathematician and economist. As an economist he often sees life with a refreshingly different viewpoint. He has a way of valuing time that has inspired me to think a bit differently about the world. As he would explain time unlike money and other resources is something that you […]

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One of America’s Favorites – Apple Dumpling

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An apple dumpling is a baked pastry-wrapped apple. To prepare apple dumplings, apples are peeled, cored and sometimes quartered and placed on a portion of dough. The hole from the core may be filled with cinnamon, butter and sugar and sometimes dried fruit such as raisins, sultanas, or currants. The dough is folded over the apples and sealed. Sometimes a spiced sauce is poured over the dumplings which are then baked until tender; the sugar and butter create a sweet sauce. Apple dumplings can be served hot, cold, or room temperature for breakfast, dessert, or as a main dish.

An apple dumpling served with vanilla ice cream

Boiled apple dumplings are among the earliest of fruit puddings. They were eaten “at all social levels”. In 1726 Nicholas Amhurst complained about apple dumplings at Oxford, saying “nothing can be expected from only rot-gut small beer, and heavy apple-dumplings, but stupidity, sleepiness, and indolence. “Two recipes for apple dumplings were published in Hannah Glasse’s 1747 cookbook. In 1749–1750, when botanist Pehr Kalm traveled from New Jersey to Quebec, he reported having apple dumplings at every meal. In 1754 English agriculturalist William Ellis called them one of the most common foods among farmers, along with bacon and pickled pork.

Apple dumplings are typically made by wrapping a pastry crust around a peeled, cored, and sometimes quartered apple, sometimes stuffing the hollow from the core with butter, sugar, sometimes dried fruits such as raisins, sultanas, or currants, and spices, sealing the pastry, and pouring a spiced sauce over the top before baking or, in the case of older recipes, boiling. The earliest recipes refer to boiling, as few homes had ovens, while many later recipes call for baking. Sauces typically call for sugar or brown sugar and butter boiled with water, sometimes with sliced lemons or spices such as cinnamon added for flavor.

Apple dumplings are served for breakfast or other meals, as sides, or as dessert. They are served hot, warm or at room temperature, sometimes with milk, cream, whipped cream, custard, or ice cream. Each dumpling is an individual serving.

Apple dumplings are a common food in the northeastern United States, especially around Pennsylvania, where they are considered a “cultural staple”. Food historians trace this type of apple dumpling back to Glasse’s book. A common recipe among the Pennsylvania Dutch, it is often eaten as a breakfast item or dessert. It is sometimes served with cream, whipped cream, or ice cream.

In the US, September 17 is National Apple Dumpling Day. Annual apple dumpling festivals are held in the towns of Atwood, Illinois, Stuart, Virginia, and Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania.


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