Pulled BBQ Pork Rib Sandwich w/ Baked Fries

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Today’s Menu: Pulled BBQ Pork Rib Sandwich w/ Baked Fries



I had to have my car over at the car shop at 8:00 this morning. Took it in for a oil change, tires rotated, and the radiator flushed and filled. All set for Winter! Just a cup of Bigelow Decaf Green Tea for Breakfast after I got back. Mostly sunny and 76 degrees out today. Did some yard work. Later had to go pick my car up from the shop. For Dinner tonight its a Pulled BBQ Pork Rib Sandwich w/ Baked Fries.




There will no Leftover Ribs ever thrown away in this house hold! Those were some delicious Ribs we had last night, thank you Meijer! So I pulled all the Rib Meat from the bones last night after Dinner.






To reheat them I used a small sauce pan. I sprayed it with Pam Cooking Spray and added the Rib Meat. I added some JB’s Fat Boy Haug Waush BBQ Sauce and heated the Ribs on medium low heat, stirring often. Oh man these heated up so good, it was tough not eating the Ribs before it was made into a Sandwich! I served it on a Aunt Millie’s Whole Grain Bun and topped it with a bit more of the BBQ Sauce. The Sandwich was so good, the Rib Meat along with the JB’s Fat Boy Haug Waush BBQ Sauce are perfect together!



To go with my Sandwich I baked some Ore Ida Golden Crinkle Cut French Fries. Like all the Ore Ida Products, they are easy to prepare and delicious. I just baked them for 19 minutes and done! Served them with a side of Hunt’s Ketchup. For Dessert later a bowl of Skinny Pop – Pop Corn along with a Sprite Zero to drink.










Pork Back Ribs – Pork ribs are a cut of pork popular in North American and Asian cuisines. The ribcage of a domestic pig, meat and bones together, is cut into usable pieces, prepared by smoking, grilling, or baking – usually with a sauce, often barbecue – and then served.








JB’s Fat Boy Haug Waush BBQ Sauce
Be happier than a pig in sauce after adding Haugwaush to any meat. Serve direct as a condiment or coat on grilled meats the last few minutes of cooking. Sauce will caramelize on meat when heated.

Warning: Consumer should be aware that frequent use of this sauce may result in the temptation to ‘pig out’ at the dinner table.

All Natural. Gluten Free. Fat Free. Cholesterol Free. No High Fructose Corn Syrup. No MSG.
Water, Brown Sugar, Tomato Paste, Prepared Mustard (Water, Vinegar, Mustard Seed, Salt, Turmeric, Spices), Distilled Vinegar, Honey, Salt, Dehydrated Garlic and Onion, Natural Smoke Flavor, Spices (Including Chili Peppers)

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