Veal Clod Boneless Roast w/ Cut Green Beans and Mashed Potatoes

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Today’s Menu: Veal Clod Boneless Roast w/ Cut Green Beans and Mashed Potatoes



 Veal Shoulder 009

A perfect second day of Spring out today! Sunny all day and it about 65 degrees, but cooler weather and even a chance of snow by next week! So winter just keeps hanging on. Got the car washed, then to the bank, and stopped by Kroger. Mom has really been stressed lately, with Dad in rehab she goes up there in the morning and stays to 4 or 5 in the afternoon. So I wanted to come up with a good and hearty dinner for her tonight! I went to Kroger and was thinking about a Pork Roast but seen a Veal Clod Boneless Roast, which we had never had before. Really I had never even heard of that cut of Veal before, it’s actually a Veal Shoulder Roast. So for dinner tonight I prepared a Veal Clod Boneless Roast w/ Cut Green Beans and Mashed Potatoes.




Veal Shoulder 003
First time to prepare a Veal Clod Boneless Roast. It came with instructions on how to prepare it and a pop up thermometer already inserted in it. I seasoned it with McCormick Grinders sae Salt and Black Peppercorn, Thyme, and Rosemary. Instructions were very easy I just placed the Roast on a rack in a shallow pan. Roasted at 325 degrees for about 60 minutes. Meat thermometer should read 145 degrees for medium rare, 160 degrees for medium and 170 degrees for well done. I prepared our’s at 160 degrees for medium, I really like my meats at medium rare but Mom likes her a little more done so medium it was! When done I let it sit for about 5 minutes before slicing. The Roast came out incredible! Juicy and moist and just packed with flavor, and very tender. I believe we’ll have this instead of Prime Rib around the Holidays, this is one delicious Roast! A bit more pricier than I usually like paying but well worth it as Mom really enjoyed it, and she deserved it!




For one side dish I prepared a can of Del Monte Cut Green Beans, always a perfect side. Then I also prepared our favorite household Mashed Potato, Bob Evan’s Original Mashed Potatoes. For dessert later a Healthy Choice Dark Fudge Swirl Frozen Yogurt.




Veal Shoulder 001

Kroger Private Selection Veal Shoulder Clod Roast


Veal Clod Boneless Roast


Place Roast on a rack in a shallow pan. Insert ovenproof meat thermometer so tip is centered in the thickest part of Veal, not in fat. Roast at 325 degrees for 31 – 34 minutes per pound for medium doneness. Meat thermometer should read 145 degrees for medium rare, 160 degrees for medium and 170 degrees for well done.


150 calories Per Serving

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