Sweet Pepper, Cilatro and Green Chile Shrimp Fajitas

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Today’s Menu: Sweet Pepper, Cilantro and Green Chile Shrimp Fajitas



Shrimp fajitas 003

Went to Meijer early this morning to pick up a few items I needed. As I was checking out it started pouring the rain, as I reached the door to go out the Meijer greeter said that I couldn’t take the mobility cart out in the rain. So I asked her if somebody could pull my car up for me and I would load them up from there. She said no because of insurance reasons, so I asked her what I was supposed to do. She more less said I would have to wait for it to stop raining, which it wasn’t going to stop for quite a while. I then asked if the guy that gets the carts could come out and get the cart after I unloaded everything into my car, again no. So to shorten the story I took an empty grocery bag covered the controls, so they wouldn’t get wet, and took it out and unloaded my groceries. When done I grabbed my walker and took the cart back in out of the rain and walked back to the car. By the time I got in I was drenched and what really made me mad was two Meijer Employees stood there in full rain gear and just watched me, no attempt to lend a hand! I hope any of them are never in the position where they’re having to do what I did and no one attempts to help them. Oh well, life goes on! For dinner tonight; Sweet Pepper, Cilantro and Green Chile Shrimp Fajitas.



I used a packet of the Ortega Cilantro and Green Chile Skillet Sauce. I’ve used this a few times now and love it! To prepare it I used a bag of Kroger Seafood Jumbo Shrimp along with the packet of Ortega Cilantro and Green Chile Skillet Sauce, Delallo Tri-Color Ppperazzi Spicy Sweet Peppers, Chopped Jalapeno slices, fresh Shredded Dutch Gouda Cheese, and Ole Fajita Flour Tortillas.



Shrimp fajitas 001
I heated up a tablespoon of Extra Virn Olive Oil in a medium size skillet over medium heat. I started by slicing the Sweet Peppers into strips and adding them to the skillet, stirring them and cooking until tender (about 4 minutes). Stirred in the Shrimp and sliced Jalapenos, stirred this until the Shrimp just started turning pink. Then added the Ortega Cilantro and Green Chile Skillet Sauce, cooking another 4 minutes till everything was heated through. What an aroma coming from the skillet! Heated up the tortillas in the microwave for 20 seconds and topped them with Guacamole and the Shrimp Taco Mixture. I also topped it some fresh grated Dutch Gouda, and served. I keep packets of the Ortega Cilantro and Green Chile Skillet Sauce in stock, it makes on delicious Fajita! Had a nice heat to it but not overpowering. For dessert later a Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle Ice cream Bar.






Ortega Cilantro & Green Chile Skillet SauceOrtega Cilantro & Green Chile Skillet Sauce
New, Ortega® Skillet Sauces are made with perfect combinations of fresh ingredients to bring Mexican dishes to life. Simply stir in the Skillet Sauce while cooking, and in no time you’ll have a mouth-watering meal the whole family will enjoy. Look for our other delicious Skillet Sauce varieties including Taco and Fajita!

Product Detail
Enjoy Ortega’s delicious skillet sauce. Available in 3 great flavors in 7 oz stand up pouches.




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  1. Sad to hear your experience. Maybe it’s not written in their job scope to help customers in such a way. Being in customer service industry, it’s not a question of what an employee “needs” to do but a question of what one “can” do. For sure they can help you but they don’t need to. Bitter reality.

    Oh! Your meal looks delish!

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