Whole Grain Noodles Topped w/ Turkey Meatballs in a Brown Mushroom Gravy…

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Today’s Menu: Whole Grain Noodles Topped w/ Turkey Meatballs in a Brown Mushroom Gravy and a Stuffed Peppadews AppetizerNoodles and Turkey Meatballs Gravy 006

I’m pretty sure to predict the weather they write down all the possibilities, put them in a hat, and pull one out for our forecast! They had predicted 2 1/2″ to 3″ of rain and a front to move through and move out all the humidity, wrong. We did get a couple of brief cloud bursts of rain but not close to the amount they said and it’s still humid! Never trust the weather report. Tried a couple of new dishes for dinner, one I wasn’t real sure on but it turned out to be a keeper of a recipe! I prepared some Whole Grain Noodles Topped w/ Turkey Meatballs in a Brown Mushroom Gravy and a Stuffed Peppadews Appetizer.




The Whole Grain Noodles Topped w/ Turkey Meatballs in a Brown Mushroom Gravy is loosely based on a Rachael Ray dish that I had seen earlier on TV. I did a few things to shorten the cooking and prep time and I also lightened it up, fewer calories and carbs. I used Ronzoni Health Harvest Whole Grain Noodles. I love Egg Noodles but I always try to stay with the Whole Wheat when possible. As I was boiling my Noodles I went ahead and started preparing the Meatballs and Gravy.




I found some Jennie – O Turkey Meatballs at Jungle Jim’s Market a while back and them frozen waiting to try them with a Meatball Noodles and Turkey Meatballs Gravy 007Dish. First time I’ve tried the Jennie – O Turkey Meatballs, I usually use Honeysuckle White Turkey Meatballs. These were 10 fewer calories per serving, they’re not quite as big as the Honeysuckle White’s though but every bit as good! I pan fried them in a 1/2 tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and took them off the heat before they were quite done. Then in another skillet I heated up my Heinz Mushroom Gravy, I had added additional sliced baby Bella Mushrooms to the gravy. As the gravy was heating I added my Meatballs and let them simmer in the gravy until heated through. First time I had ever had Turkey Meatballs in a Mushroom Gravy and it was as they say “Off the Hook”! What a great combo. My Noodles were just finishing up as my Meatball/Gravy mix was. To serve I made a bed of the Noodles and topped it with the Meatballs/Gravy. I then topped it with some freshly grated Asiago Cheese and fresh chopped Parsley. What a hearty comfort food! A keeper recipe. Everything just seemed like a natural pairing and the Asiago Cheese was the perfect topper. I also baked a mini loaf of Kroger Bakery Harvest Grain Bread.


For an appetizer another new one with Peppadew Peppers, which I had never heard of until this morning when I was at Kroger doing Noodles and Turkey Meatballs Gravy 009some early morning shopping. They had these in the Deli/Cheese Shop already seeded and marinated. There was 6 whole ones and 2 small ones in the container. I stuffed 3 of them with fresh grated Havarti Cheese and the other 3 with Turkey Sausage and Havarti Cheese. After stuffing them I put them in a microwave plate and heated them for about 40 seconds. I love them! Wasn’t sure how they would turn out but they came out a winner. A good appetizer to have around. For dessert later a Healthy Choice Chocolate Swirl Frozen Yogurt.







Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Whole Grain Extra Wide Noodle Style PastaRonzoni Whole Grain Noodles
Whole Grain Wide Noodle

Whole Grain Wide Noodle from Ronzoni Healthy Harvest
Whole Grain Wide Noodles are short flat pasta strips made with eggs. Whole Grain Noodles come in wide or extra wide. Whole Grain Wide Noodles are best in soup, entrées, side dishes or oven bakes. Cream or cheese sauces, gravy, light tomato sauce or simple butter (or olive oil) tosses are complementary.
Durum whole wheat flour and semolina blend, wheat fiber, egg whites, thiamin mononitrate, niacin, riboflavin, iron (ferrous sulfate), folic acid.

Cooking directions. see perfect pasta guide for quantities and cook times. bring water to a rapid boil. to add flavor and reduce stickiness, add salt. add pasta and stir; return to rapid boil. cook uncovered, stirring occasionally. drain well. serve as desired. Perfect pasta guide. 1 portion, 1/4 bag of pasta, 2 quarts of water, 1 tsp of salt. 2 portions, 1/2 bag of pasta, 3 quarts of water, 2 tsp of salt. 4 portions, full bag of pasta, 5 quarts






Processed peppadew peppers

Processed peppadew peppers

This type of piquante pepper was first discovered in early 1993 and introduced to market later that same decade. The name is a portmanteaux of pepper and dew.
Although the pepper is sometimes described as a cross between a pepper and a tomato, this description is not botanically accurate, and refers only to the resemblance in color and size between peppadew and cherry tomatoes.
Applications have been made by the various owners of the brand to secure international breeders right by application to the UPOV.
In 2000 the South African mushroom producer, Denny Mushrooms, acquired the Peppadew brand and business. Denny has in turn since been acquired by AVI.

The fruit is processed for removal of the seeds and reduction of the heat of the pepper to more pleasant levels. It is then pickled and bottled. The flavor of the Peppadew fruit is sweet, with mild heat of around 1,177 on the Scoville scale.



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  1. This looks delicious!!!

    • It was! It turned out really good, maybe next time I prepare it I’ll thicken the gravy a bit. The Peppadews is another one, delicious!

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