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It’s Canning Day around here!


Well finally Half Runner Green Beans are showing up. I called Jungle Jim’s Market Produce Department and they said that they finally got some in from Tennessee at $1.99 a lb. So picked some up Thursday afternoon and they were some beautiful beans, firm and full. We ended up buying about 19 lbs. So we have plenty to can today! I’ll take you through the steps of how we can them.


While canning these beans it brings back good memories of when I young and I would spend about the entire summer at my Grandparents. They always lived on a farm, raising cows, pigs, and growing huge gardens. My Grandmother was always canning throughout the summer. She would store most of it in the cellar and there would be dozens and dozens of jars of green beans, beets, corn, and relishes. And what they didn’t can and use they would sell. I spent many a summer day at a small vegetable stand they would set up in front of the farm and sell corn, green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots. They had it all, such good, good memories!




can 2 001

* Started by gathering up the jars, lids, and bands. Then washed the jars and bands in hot soapy water then drying them. Had a mix of Mason, Ball, and Kerr Jars.


can 2 002

* Next perhaps the part we dread most, taking the strings off and breaking the beans up. A boring but necessary part of canning. Always make sure you get the strings off them.


can 2 003

* After the beans have been broken up wash and clean the beans by running cold water over them several times. Then let them soak in cold water while you prepare the jars and canner pot. While the beans are soaking fill your sink with hot water and let the jars soak in the hot water along with the lids.



can 2 009
* Now to start filling your jars. Add a teaspoon of salt to each jar then start filling the jars with the beans. As you add the beans into the jar you want to press your beans to pack them tightly into the jar, add as many beans that will fit into the jar. When full fill the jar with cold water and seal with lid and band.



can 3 004
* Now were ready to boil and seal the jars in the canner pot. Fill the canner up half way with water and add your jars to the canner, the one we have will take 7 jars. After adding the jars in place fill the canner up the rest of the way with water, put enough water in to almost cover the jars and put the lid on the canner. Turn the stove burner on high till the water comes to a complete boil and then reduce the heat somewhat while keeping the full boil. You’ll boil the jars for 3 hours.




last stage beans cooling Pork Chop 001
* After 3 hours remove the jars, be very careful when removing them from the canner as they are very hot. Put all 7 jars together and set them on top of a bath towel then covering them with another 1 or 2 towels. By covering them the jars will slowly cool off and the jars will completely seal. You’ll hear a pop as the lid seals and the jars start to cool. Your done! You can have fresh and delicious Green Beans year round. Plus it gives you a great sense of satisfaction that you’ve canned your own food. We canned a total of 14 jars!



can4 001


* The finished Product, 14 qts. of Half Runner Green Beans!




* A special thank you to my Mom for passing along this and so many more cooking ideas and recipes, Love you!


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  1. The pop of a jar sealing is the best sound in the world when you are canning. I’m pinning these instructions in case I ever get a nice yield of green beans. All the rain we have been getting in SC has just about killed my garden.

    • We have had our share of rain also this year, a lot more coming this week they say! We are just now getting Green Beans in from other states and usually we can find them all the time.

  2. My parents always froze our produce, so I never learned to can — good, basic instructions in this post — thanks!

    • There’s a lot of people now days that have no clue what canning even is, like a good friend of mine. I’m taking her a couple of quarts to her Monday. It’s not hard, just a little time consuming but what you end up with is well worth it!

    • There’s a lot of people now days that have no clue what canning even is, like a good friend of mine. I’m taking her a couple of quarts to her Monday. It’s not hard, just a little time consuming but what you end up with is well worth it!

  3. This is my first time trying to can green beans, and I have just discovered the pressure cooker giving to me is broken (after I gathered 2 bushels of green beans!)

    If I understand this correctly, I do not have to use the pressure cooker but simply boil for 3 hours and cover? Is this the same process as for carrots and beets?

    Thank you in advance for all your help!

    • Thank you for reading! Well I just checked with the expert, my Mom, and she’s never done carrots but as far as the Beets go she cooks her Beets first. Just cook them till the point where you like the firmness and then can them in your choice of brine and seal them. I canned some carrots one time myself and that’s how I canned my Carrots also. Hope this helps. Mark

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