Walmart vs Kroger – The Price War, Not really a War!

June 2, 2013 at 1:19 PM | Posted in cooking, Food | 3 Comments
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I had went to Walmart the other day and purchased 26 items. I had saved the receipt because I wanted to compare prices on a few ofGROCERIES the items and see who had the best prices. I had thought it would be Walmart, I just didn’t think it would be as big as difference as it was! I usually buy my so-called inside aisle items at Walmart and Seafood, Fruits, and Vegetables at Kroger along with a few other items. I always look for coupons and in store sales at both stores. I also go to Meijer and a local market here around the West Chester area Jungle Jim’s. I compared 11 items between Walmart and Kroger and here’s what I found!


Campbell’s Slow Kettle Portobello Mushroom and Madeira Bisque – Walmart $3.48, Kroger $3.89 – Save .41 at Walmart

Chopped Walnuts (Huge Saving!) – Walmart $4.18, Kroger $5.59 Save $2.41 at Walmart

Bigelow Decaf Green Tea Bags (20 count) – Walmart $2.18, Kroger $2.89 Save .71 at Walmart

Dannon Plain Greek Yogurt – Walmart $1.00, Kroger $1.29 Save .29 at Walmart

Daisy Reduced Sour Cream – Walmart $1.98, Kroger $2.49 Save .51 at Walmart

Kraft Grated Parm Cheese – Walmart $3.50, Kroger $3.89, Save .39 at Walmart

Daisy Low Fat Cottage Cheese – Walmart $2.18, Kroger $2.49, Save .31 at Walmart

Pillsbury Baby Grands Biscuits (5) – Walmart $.88, Kroger $1.02, Save .14 at Walmart

Morton’s Lite Salt – Walmart $1.58, Kroger $1.94, Save .36 at Walmart

Sea Pak Pop Corn Shrimp – Walmart $3.96, Kroger $4.62, Save .66 at walmart

Ruffles Light Chips – Walmart $3.48, Kroger $3.79, Save.31 at Walmart
Just from these 11 random items that I purchase from time to time I saved $5.57. I checked other items at Kroger like Tide, Bounce, Glade Candles and I didnt have the Walmart price but I know from purchasing quite often a huge savings at Walmart. Overall, stay out of the middle aisles at Kroger. in fact if you can find fresh produce ans Seafood at your Walmart I say purchase them there also. Look before you shop and buy!


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  1. I try to never buy fruit, veg or dairy (More than once sour when I got home) from Walmart-We live on their reduced meat and seafood. I never-ever but plants from them….I shop the “Inside” of Walmart and the Outside of Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods or Piggly…I shop Aldi for alot of can goods….tell me there is a difference in kidney beans!!! Good Post!

    • That’s happened to me also. I think we have 1 Trader Joe’s but I’m not even sure where it’s at, I think in East Cincinnati area.

  2. I do hate the service there tho!

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