Italian Style Chicken Breast Hoagie w/ Baked Crinkle Fries

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Today’s Menu: Italian Style Chicken Breast Hoagie w/ Baked Crinkle Fries


Italian Style Chicken Hoagie 002
Long day today doing one of my least favorite things to do, Shredding bills! It wouldn’t be so bad if I would do it every month or so but as usual I let them back up for months and months. So the biggest part of my day was shredding my bills and my parents. It would help also to have a better paper shredder, that didn’t overheat and stop every few minutes. Finally got through it though! For dinner I prepared an Italian Style Chicken Breast Hoagie w/ Baked Crinkle Fries.


I used Perdue Perfect Portions Italian Style Skinless and Boneless Chicken Breasts. Love these, just grab one from the freezer and prepare it! Already marinated and cooks up super quick. They have a few different types but the Italian Style is the only one I’ve seen sold around here. I baked mine, at 350 degrees for about 26 minutes. The internal temp read 170 degrees. Seasoned almost perfect, added a shake of Sea Salt to it. Served it on a Aunt Millie’s Deli Style Whole Grain Mini Sub Bun and topped it with a slice of Sargento Ultra Thin Provolone Cheese, sliced Black Olives, and Sauteed Baby Bella Mushrooms. For sides I had a few of the Dill Pickled Carrots and baked some Ore Ida Crinkle Fries with an Ice – Cold Diet Dr. Pepper to drink. For dessert later a Healthy Choice Vanilla Bean Frozen Yogurt.



Perdue Perfect Portions Italian Style Chicken BreastsPERDUE CHICKEN Italian

PERDUE® PERFECT PORTIONS® Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts, Italian Style (1.5 lbs.)
Fresh boneless, skinless individually wrapped chicken breast filets. Italian Style; made with all natural ingredients. Packed 5 filets per 1.50 lb. resealable zipper package. You can cook what you need; store what you don’t! Cooks in 10 minutes. Refrigerated.

Keep refrigerated. Please follow quick and easy cook times: Skillet: Lightly coat skillet with oil or cooking spray. Heat pan over medium-high heat, add breasts and brown 1 minute per side. Reduce heat to medium-low; Cover and cook 6 – 9 minutes, until internal temperature reaches 170 degrees F, turning frequently. Oven: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Place breasts on foil-lined baking sheet and cook 17 – 21 minutes, or until internal temperature reaches 170 degrees F. Grill: Spray grill with cooking spray. Preheat grill to medium-high. Grill breasts 3 – 4 minutes per side until internal temperature reaches 170 degrees F.

From Frozen: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Place frozen breasts on foil-lined baking sheet and cook 22 – 26 minutes, or until internal temperature reaches 170 degrees F. Safe Handling: This product was prepared from inspected and passed meat and/or poultry. Some food products may contain bacteria that could cause illness if the product is mishandled or cooked improperly. For your protection, follow these safe handling instructions. Keep refrigerated or frozen. Thaw in refrigerator or microwave. Keep raw meat and poultry separate from other foods. Wash working surfaces (including cutting boards), utensils, and hands after touching raw meat or poultry. Cook thoroughly. Keep hot foods hot. Refrigerate leftovers immediately or discard.


Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 fillet (136.0 g)
Amount Per Serving
Calories 140 Calories from Fat 10
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 1.5g 2%
Saturated Fat 0.g 0%
Trans Fat 0. 0g
Cholesterol 75mg 25%
Sodium 360mg 15%
Total Carbohydrates 2.0g 0%
Protein 26g



Peppercorn Crusted Steak with Cheesy Garlic Mash Potato, Roasted Shallots and Red Wine Jus

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Homemade With Mess

If you ever want to get into anyone’s good books then this is the recipe to cook, as it is the ultimate steak dinner, and who doesn’t love steak! I think I may have also found my new favourite kitchen item (well maybe joint with my Le Creuset, as I just have too much love for that to knock it off the top spot), and this is a potato ricer. Too many times have I stood over a pan of hot and steamy potatoes while trying to vigorously mash them until they are smooth. The sweat dripping off my nose has always been great for seasoning, but I don’t think my guests have ever appreciated it.  I honestly don’t know why I didn’t have a potato ricer sooner; all you do is push the potato through it and Bob’s your Uncle, you have great smooth potato within seconds. Trust me…

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Kitchen Hints of the Day!

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Hint #1 – Save on expensive grill cleaners by simply using WD-40 instead. Get rid of charred food by removing the grates from the barbecue and spraying them with oil. Let sit for five to ten minutes, then wipe off and clean with soap and water.



Hint #2 – Your BBQ chicken was a hit, but your grill is a mess. What to do? Dip half an onion in vegetable oil, put it on your grill fork, and scrub it over the hot grates. There are enzymes in onions that break down grime, and the oil will help soften the grilled-on gunk.

Food Network Star Season 9 Season Premiere Sunday, June 2 at 9pm/8c

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Food Network Star Season 9


Today the Food Network announced the cast and guests appearing in the ninth season of Food Network Star. The show will premiere on June 2nd, and it’s going to be pretty much exactly the way it has been for the past few seasons.

Food Networkpeople Alton Brown, Bobby Flay, and Giada De Laurentiis are still leading the action, and Food Network execs Susie next_food_network_starFogelson and Bob Tuschman are returning as judges. Viewers should get excited for guests appearances from Alex Guarnaschelli, Robert Irvine, and Guy Fieri (of season two).

The cast includes a mix of restaurant chefs, private chefs, enthusiasts, and people who have already appeared on food tv shows before. Two contestants stand out for having gained national attention for their culinary endeavors: Cleveland’s food truck guru Chris Hodgson and Utah chef Viet Pham.

Hodgson — the chef of the Hodge Podge and Dim and Den Sum food trucks and the restaurant Hodge’s— was a Food & Wine People’s Best New Chef nominee in 2013. Pham is the chef of Forage, and was a Food & Wine Best New Chef in 2011. Both Hodgson and Pham have appeared on Food Network before. Hodgson competed on season two of the The Great Food Truck Race, while Pham has beaten Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America and was the runner-up of Extreme Chef.


The Finalists:

Nikki Dinki (New York)
Andres Guillama (Waynesville, NC)
Rodney Henry (Baltimore)
Chris Hodgson (Cleveland)
Connie “Lovely” Jackson (Los Angeles)
Russell Jackson (San Francisco)
Danushka Lysek (New York)
Daniela Perez-Reyes (Haleiwa, Haw.)
Viet Pham (Salt Lake City)
Damaris Phillips (Louisville, Ky.)
Stacey Poon-Kinney (San Diego)
Chad Rosenthal (Ambler, Penn.)

Season 9 kicks off on Sunday, June 2nd at 9pm ET.

Sautéed Mushrooms

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Sauteed Mushrooms 1

Sautéed mushrooms may seem like a fairly pedestrian recipe for a blog post but, the truth is, I have been served so many poor renditions of this simple side dish that I thought I might share my basic technique for producing a pretty delicious result. The general theme can easily be ‘riffed’ on the inclusion of various herbs or other additions but, for this post, I will keep things fairly straightforward. Tonight, this particular effort will go as a topping for some lovely strip-steaks I bought for supper…

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National Macaroon Day

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Foodimentary - National Food Holidays


National Macaroon Day

Five Food Finds about Macaroons

  •  The original macaroon was a “small sweet cake consisting largely of ground almonds” similar to Italian amaretti.
  • The English word macaroon and French macaron come from the Italian maccarone or maccherone.
  • Most recipes call for egg whites (usually whipped to stiff peaks), with ground or powdered seeds, generally almonds or nuts.
  • The Scottish macaroon is a sweet confection with a thick velvety centre covered in chocolate and topped with roasted coconut.
  • In North America, the coconut macaroon is the better known variety.

Today’s Food History

on this day in…

1744 Richard Lovell Edgeworth died. An Anglo-Irish inventor, among his many inventions and innovations were a turnip cutter, various improvements in agricultural machines, and a velocipede.

1790 The first U.S. copyright law was signed by George Washington.

1836 The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel opened in New York City.

1884 Dr. John Harvey Kellogg applied…

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Grilled Pork Chop w/ Roasted Red Potatoes and Blue Lake Cut Green Beans

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Today’s Menu: Grilled Pork Chop w/ Roasted Red Potatoes and Blue Lake Cut Green Beans

One day I’m going to find that hidden camera, you know the one everyone has in their house that shows other people when your away from a phone so they can call to aggravate you because you just stepped away from it! It never fails, I can be sitting there for hours with a phone next to me and it never rings. Then I get up to do something and just like clock work R-I-N-G! it happened about three different times today. The only explanation is there’s a hidden camera somewhere, I’m going to find it one day! Another hot and humid day here again but they say it’s going to get back to more normal temps by the weekend but rain of course. For dinner tonight I prepared a Grilled Pork Chop w/ Roasted Red Potatoes, Blue Lake Cut Green Beans, and Healthy Life Whole Grain Bread.

I had purchased a package of two big, beautiful Pork Loin Chops from Kroger the other day. I seasoned them with McCormick GrinderGrilled Chops 001 Sea Salt and Black Peppercorn. I grilled them about 7 1/2 minutes per side, to 165 degrees internal temp. I basted them with JB’s Fat Boy Hawg Waush BBQ Sauce. The JB’s Fat Boy Hawg Waush BBQ Sauce, in my opinion is one of the best sauces there is for Pork. The Chops came out moist and mouth watering delicious! Chops, BBQ Sauce, and Grilling. Love it!

For side dishes I prepared some Roasted Red Potatoes.I took 3 Red Potatoes, that I quartered and seasoned with Dill, Sea Salt, Ground Black Pepper, and Garlic Powder. I spread them out on a baking sheet and baked them on 400 degrees for 27 minutes (fork tender). I also heated up a can of Del Monte Blue Lake Cut Green Beans. A delicious and hearty meal that was just 400 calories. For dessert later a Jello Sugar Free Double Chocolate Pudding topped with Cool Whip Free.




JELL-O Double Chocolate Sugar Free Reduced Calorie Pudding Snacks

JELL-O Double Chocolate Sugar Free Reduced Calorie Pudding Snacks have 45% fewer calories than the regular pudding.

JELL-O Double Chocolate Sugar Free Reduced Calorie Pudding Snacks:
60 calories
Good source of calcium


Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 snack (103.0 g) Amount Per Serving
Calories 60 Calories from Fat 13
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 1.5g 2%
Saturated Fat 1.0g 5%
Trans Fat 0.0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 170mg 7%
Total Carbohydrates 13.0g 4%
Dietary Fiber 1.0g 4%
Protein 1.0g

Guest Post: Gourmet Club: Blackened Salmon with Mango Salsa

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Rantings of an Amateur Chef

As mentioned previously, I am part of a gourmet club. Recently we had one where the host couple chose a theme of “Starts with S”. All of the food was delicious. I am happy to have Danny back with a guest post for the salmon he made for us that night. Here’s Danny…

Where have I been you ask?  Well it has been quite an exciting year since I last wrote for the Ranting Chef.  Fatherhood has kept me busy and I cannot put into words how much my wife and I love it.  I have always tried to be a good son but now I get to work on being a good parent too.  When I started cooking for myself in my early twenties, I have always steered towards fish and seafood.  I have experimented with cooking all types of fish, from the fish I catch myself such…

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Wild Idea Buffalo Recipe of the Week – Oven Roasted Sirloin Tip & Top Round Roast

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Wild Idea Buffalo Recipe of the Week – Oven Roasted Sirloin Tip & Top Round Roast


Next time you prepare a Roasted Sirloin Tip & Top Round Roast try it with a Buffalo Sirloin Tip & Top Round Roast. Another healthy and delicious recipe from Wild Idea Buffalo.



Oven Roasted Sirloin Tip & Top Round Roast Wild Idea Sirloin Tip Roast
By: Jill O’Brien

Serves 8
For quick oven roasting, it is best to marinade roasts first to achieve maximum tenderness. Great served with a Whiskey Plum sauce or Orange Glaze.


* Pierce the sirloin tip or top round roast with a fine-tipped fork.
* Place in marinade of your choice & let rest 1 hr. at room temperature.
* Refrigerate up to 48 hours.
* Remove from marinade, and pat excess marinade off with a paper towel.
* Let rest at room temperature 2 hours before grilling or roasting.
* Sear all sides of roast in heavy deep pan on medium high burner—about four turns at 5 minutes each.
* Place roast in 375° oven & continue to cook for 30 minutes, or until internal temperature reads 140°.
* Remove from oven and place on platter.
* Cover with foil and allow roast to rest for 5-10 minutes.
Slice thinly against the grain.

Temperature Guide–Internal Temperatures of Meat:

Rare – 130 degrees. Medium-rare – 140 degrees. Medium – 155 degrees.




Sirloin Tip RoastWild Idea Buffalo Sirloin_Tip_Roast_web
Sometimes called the “poor man’s prime rib.” The sirloin tip roast is a tender cut that’s great for roasting, or it makes a delicious pot roast. You might also want to cut into bite sized pieces for kebabs, or into portion sized steaks for Swiss steak. Each roast is 3 Lbs.

Kitchen Hints of the Day!

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Hint #1 – Memorial Day weekend has passed but you still need to make sure your outdoor grill is prepared for the rest of your Summer grilling. Clean the grates by placing them in the tub and covering them with very hot water and one cup each ammonia and dishwasher detergent. Cover with old fabric softener sheets and soak overnight. The next day, don your rubber gloves, scrub away, and watch the grease dissolve.


Hint #2 – Another great way to clean your barbecue grill is with wet newspaper. After cooking, just place it on a warm grill for one hour with the lid closed. You’ll be amazed how easily the grime comes off.

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