Green Tea: The ‘Clean Caffeine’ Alternative to Coffee

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An article on my favorite daily drink, Green Tea. I drink 5 cups of hot brewed Bigelow Green Tea a day. Since I started my Green Tea drinking my cholesterol, tri’s, and my diabetes 2 have all improved.

Many working Americans rely on a cup of coffee every morning to keep them alert throughout the day while two or three cups is enough for others. A few may need even more.

But is coffee really the healthiest choice? There are some benefits of coffee, such as reduced risk for Parkinson’s disease, skin cancer, colon cancer, diabetes, and even suicide. However there are quite a few disadvantages.

For starters, coffee discolors your teeth but it can also cause a number of more serious problems, such as hypoglycemia, high cholesterol, increased anxiety, fertility problems, increased risk of osteoporosis, dry skin, weight gain, addiction, and more.

So what can we do?

Green tea supplements are known to not only be a source of antioxidants but they give you a boost of energy that can last throughout the whole day.

Nutritionist Lola Berry of Australia says she is a huge fan of Green tea supplements and she takes them on a daily basis.

Green tea contains a special ingredient called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a potent antioxidant that is believed to have therapeutic applications in the treatment of many disorders such as HIV, cancer, endometriosis, and Sjogren’s syndrome.

“These EGCG’s are also linked to speeding up our metabolism and stimulating the liver,” Lola Berry told Medical Daily.

“The liver is in charge of emulsifying fats,” she added.

Berry says green tea is also seen as a “great” weight loss supplement since it works on both the liver and metabolism at the same time.

Green tea supplements offer a number of health benefits such as cancer prevention and treatment, decrease of blood pressure, prevention of cardiovascular disease, stroke prevention, natural energy boost, and weight loss.

Berry sees green tea as a clear substitute for coffee.

“I love the stuff! I call it “clean caffeine” try to go for organic when you can!”

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  1. Great post. Green tea is awesome. Most of the scientific research on tea has been focused on green tea, though all the other members of the tea family contain tremendous health benefits as well. White teas have an even higher level of antioxidants than green tea, maybe you should try that as well. My favorite green teas are Dragonwell and Bi Luo Chun, both of which are very tasty.

    • I credit Green Tea to turning around a lot my health problems. Thank you for reading!

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